How to Submit a Photo to About Phoenix

Share Your Photos With About Phoenix Visitors

••• These zoo animals had no respect for my photo credentials!. © Judy Hedding

If you have a photograph that you'd like included in one of the About Phoenix Photo Galleries, here's what you do.

Send me an email. There are 4 steps to the process:

1 - You must include the following phrase in your email, or I can't use the photos. You can copy and paste it into the email.

I certify that I am the author or sole owner of the material I am submitting to About, Inc., About, Inc. and its licensees may reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, create derivative works and otherwise use the material for any purpose in any form and on any media. I agree to indemnify About, Inc. for all damages and expenses that may be incurred in connection with the material.

For more information, please see our user agreement.

2 - Attach your photos to the email. Each photo must be at least 1,000 pixels wide. Horizontal preferred.

3 - Provide a one or two sentence description of each photo, including the part of town in which it was taken.

4 - Tell me what name you'd like to have shown for the photo credit.

I am currently accepting photos of the following:

Rocky Point, Mexico
Arizona Sunsets/Sunrises/Rainbows
Arizona Wildflowers
Arizona Cactus Plants and Cactus Flowers
Greater Phoenix Parades
Phoenix Zoo Pictures
Greater Phoenix Parades
Arizona Birds
Scorpions Found in Phoenix
Arizona Animals/Creatures
Horses, Cowboys and Western Themes
Grand Canyon
Phoenix Area Parades
Monsoon/Dust Storms
Arizona Wildfires
Arizona Fireworks
Salt River Tubing
Snow (Central Arizona only)
Wacky and Funny Phoenix Photos
Phoenix Landmarks and Scenic Views
Tucson, AZ
Sedona, AZ

I may not use all the photos that you send.

Please, no significantly enhanced or "photoshopped" images. When your photos have gone live on Phoenix, I'll send you an email letting you know. I may even feature the photo in my weekly newsletter.

Thanks for submitting your photographs!