Student Advantage Card Provides Student Travel Discounts

Get an Advantage Card and Get the Discounts

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If you're a student, you can use this status to gain some serious discounts when you spend. 

The Student Advantage Card is one of the ways to save money on travel and so much more, and is definitely worth the investment. 

You spend $20 for a yearly membership and in exchange have access to discounts on anything from travel to retail to entertainment discounts. You'll most likely save enough with these discounts to pay off the fee for the card in a matter of weeks, so it's worth looking into.


What Type of Discounts Can I Get?

There are so many options to get discounts from different companies that there'll most likely be a deal that'll help save you money. When it comes to travel, here are the Student Advantage Card travel discount partners:

  • Alamo -- 20% off a car rental
  • Amtrak -- 15% off rail fares (also available with an ISIC card)
  • Amtrak Express -- 15% off rail shipments
  • Choice Hotels -- 15% off participating hotels
  • DOLLAR Rent-a-car -- 5%-25% off car rentals
  • EF College Break -- $95 off tours
  • Eurail -- Rail Guide with Eurail order
  • Greyhound® -- 15% off walk-up fares and online)
  • Greyhound® -- 50% off shipping
  • -- $2 booking fee waived
  • Tortuga Backpacks -- 10% off this great backpack for student travelers
  • Spring Break Travel -- Up to $200 off Spring Break trips
  • Student Travel Services (STS) -- Up to $120 off Caribbean packages

But there are other discounts, too, such as:

  • $7 off when you spend $70 at Target
  • 10% off any ticket from Ticket Monster
  • 10% off Top Shop
  • 67% off Adobe products
  • 25% off Cinemark cinema tickets
  • 15% off dorm room gear at Dormify

How to Get a Student Advantage Card

It's super-easy to apply for a Student Advantage Card and takes just a couple of minutes.

Your first step is to register by enrolling online.

Just fill in the usual information, like your name and address, as well as your college name (you must be an enrolled student), and then pay the fee by credit or debit card

And that's it! Just wait for your card to arrive in the mail and you're all set to start saving. 

Do the Math

Is the Student Advantage Card worth it? It's easy to figure out. 

First of all, sit down and roughly calculate how much you spend on certain items each year, and especially how much you'll be traveling. 

If your college isn't close to your parents, for example, and you plan on regularly visiting them, having access to discounts with both Greyhound and Amtrak could easily help you make back the amount you've spent on obtaining the Student Advantage Card. 

There's more, too. For example, with the Student Advantage Card you gain a $7 discount at Target for any $70 purchase. All you need to do is spend a few hundred dollars at Target in a year and you've made your money back. 

I also recommend keep an eye on student travel discounts and deals as well. You may be able to save more without spending the bucks on a card and with a little research. 

Alternatively, you could check out the ISIC card to see if that would be a better option for your life.

The International Student Identity Card costs a few dollars more, but sometimes offers greater international savings on travel. It might even be worth picking up both of them if you'll be doing a lot of travel over the next year. 

But that's not all! There are many discount cards available to students -- sometimes you might want to buy all of them to take full advantage of them, but sometimes just one will be the perfect fit for you. You can compare benefits by reading about all student and youth travel discount cards.


This article has been edited and updated by Lauren Juliff