Strine and Australian Slang

Glossary of Australian Words, Phrases, Colloquialisms

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Australian slang and colloquialisms tend to change with time, and what may be popular in the past may now no longer be in use. Also some words and phrases may be in use in particular regions and not in others. So this glossary is more an aid in understanding particular colloqialisms and instances of slang and less as something to be learned and used as some terms may no longer be current.

A, as in the big A. In Australian slang, to give someone the big A is to dismiss that someone out of hand.

Adrians. Rhyming slang for drunk. From tennis player's name Adrian Quist. Quist rhymes with pissed, hence drunk.

aggro. Aggravation, bother, belligerence, aggressiveness, aggression. Much Australian slang results in word contractions with an "o" at the end.

airy-fairy. Insubstantial, hare-brained, nothing much, in your dreams.

Al Capone. Rhyming slang for telephone.

ant's pants. Someone or something considered the ultimate in style, novelty or cleverness.

apples, as in she'll be apples. In Australian slang, she'll be apples simply means everything will be okay.

apples and pears. Rhyming slang for stairs. To shoot down the apples and pears is to go down the stairs. Sometimes shortened to just apples.

arvo. Afternoon. Another Australian slang contraction.

Aussie. Australian.

Aussie salute. Moving the hand around to flick off or drive away flies, particularly from the face.

avagoodweegend. Have a good weekend.

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