How to Tour the World's Coolest Street Art From Home

this is my world graffiti istanbul
Istanbul, Turkey.

Elen Turner 

A highlight for many travelers when visiting urban destinations is appreciating the arts scene, particularly through murals, sculptures, and other public installations that reflect the creative energy of a place. Even when you aren't able to see them in-person, there are various online platforms that allow you to see the world's street art from home through virtual tours or photography, the latter of which is important because what exists today might not survive weather, demolition, or other human interference long-term. Take a look at some of the world's coolest street art right here.

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St+art India

colorful mural on a wall in India

 Elen Turner

St+art India is a Delhi-based not-for-profit foundation that creates art projects in public spaces in India. Their goal is to make art accessible and democratic for everyone, making it available beyond the walls of galleries that few Indians visit. The Google Arts & Culture page contains hundreds of photos of their projects, online exhibits, and more, mainly from Delhi and Mumbai.

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Sattya Media Arts Collective

mural of woman on a wall Kathmandu

Elen Turner

Kathmandu's Sattya Media Arts Collective is a resource center for artists, filmmakers, photographers, activists, and other creatives. In 2013, they created the Kolor Kathmandu project, which brought international and Nepali artists together to liven up the streets of Kathmandu through murals representing the different districts of Nepal. Sattya also has mural tours of Kathmandu. The website provides more information on their work, and links to Kolor Kathmandu's Facebook page, which documents this project and its off-shoots.

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Brooklyn Street Art

colorful mural board coney island

Elen Turner 

New York City undoubtedly has one of the most vibrant and varied street art scenes in the world, and different neighborhoods have their own character. Brooklyn Street Art documents the street art of, well, Brooklyn, plus other national and international locations. The website includes blog posts, interviews with artists, and other significant arts figures, and an "Images of the Week" section.

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Street Art News

colorful graffiti lettering istanbul

 Elen Turner

Street Art News is an online magazine that includes artist interviews, retrospectives, announcements of launches and events, videos, and galleries of street art from all around the world. More than just pictures, Street Art News provides a wealth of information about contemporary urban art movements.

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Street Art Cities

mural of fish and windows Toronto

Elen Turner 

Street Art Cities is a platform for artists, casual tourists, and street art enthusiasts to record, find, and document street art around the world. The website includes an interactive map with pinpoints across 79 countries, but it's the app that's really exciting and user-friendly. New cities are added frequently. Search your chosen city for works of street art, create routes to follow when you eventually make it to that city, and save your favorite works to admire again later.

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Street Art 360

Street Art Highlighted For Glasgow's First City Centre Mural Trail
Jeff J Mitchell / Getty Images

Founded by an Edinburgh-based street art enthusiast, Street Art 360 is an online magazine that provides readers with artist biographies, interviews, photos, street art city guides, book reviews, and information on exhibitions, festivals, and related news around the world. A not-for-profit organization, Street Art 360 brings together writers, editors, and artists from around the world, united by their love of street art. The founder runs street art tours of Glasgow, Scotland.

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Tourism Penang

mural of a girl surrounded by flowers in Penang

Elen Turner

Malaysia's second-biggest city, Penang, is famous for its interactive murals and wrought iron sculptures. The historic George Town neighborhood is particularly alive with art, much of which is painted on the side of elegant colonial-era mansions and shops. While you'll need to go there in person to pose with classics like "Kids on a Bicycle" or "Old Motorcycle" by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, Tourism Penang produces a downloadable digital guide. The guide includes a map with artworks pinpointed, as well as photos of key pieces and information on some artists.

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Turnpike Art Group

UK - London - Street art on the wall on Turville Street in Shoreditch
Corbis via Getty Images / Getty Images

London, like New York, is an artistic megacity with more works of street art than can be documented. One group creating and recording an eclectic range of works across the city is the Turnpike Art Group. The group aims to "break down" gallery walls and provide free art experiences to residents and visitors. Their website provides photos of their street-based works, as well as background information on the artists and installations.

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I Support Street Art / The Street is Our Gallery

I Support Street Art

Courtesy of I Support Street Art

Another one-stop site for information on street art around the world, The Street is Our Gallery is run by organization I Support Street Art. The website contains a database of artist galleries and interviews, and it publishes articles about various street art topics. They also include a page on street art books for further reading, as well as calls for artists to get involved with projects around the world. 

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Sibiu International Street Art Festival

Sibiu International Street ART Festival

Courtesy of Sibiu International Street ART Festival 

The annual street art festival in the Romanian city of Sibiu is a colorful treat for residents and travelers who happen to be in town at the time, but the festival's website allows online visitors to tour the city, too. The current website shows art and artists from the summer 2019 edition of the festival; click on pins on a map of the city for more information on artworks, and photos. The site is available in English and Romanian.

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Watch This Space

Flox mural, Watch This Space

Courtesy of Watch This Space

Watch This Space is a crowd-sourced online map of past and present street art in Christchurch, the largest city in New Zealand's South Island. It includes photos, a blog with street art, and other arts news from Christchurch, and information on street art tours in the city.