"Pick Your Own" Strawberry Farms in North Carolina

Picking Your Own Strawberries in Charlotte and Beyond

For a lot of people, there's just nothing like a fresh batch of strawberry jam, a salad covered in strawberries, or any number of assorted strawberry-centric desserts. If you're looking for the absolute freshest strawberries you can find, you're in luck in North Carolina: a quick glance shows over 200 "pick your own strawberry" farms in the state!

Listed below are just a few of them below to get you started in your search. This list is broken down into three areas: Western North Carolina, the North Carolina coastal region, and the Charlotte area - the Piedmont or central region, to help you find the closest one to you.

For each area, there are farms listed and a link to a complete database to find more. What you'll find listed on this page is nowhere near a comprehensive list, nor are these necessarily the "best" farms. It's just a sampling of some of what North Carolina to offer in every region.

Most of these sites do offer other fresh fruits and vegetables, and several even have other "pick your own" foods. But for each of these spots, you can pick your own strawberries.

As always, it's best to check with each location's official site or give them a phone call before you head out. Hours, schedule, pricing and availability can change without notification.