Strategies for Visiting NYC on a Budget

Strategies for visiting New York City on a budget can reap huge rewards: from all the wonders of Broadway shows and world-class museums to the excitement of Times Square. New York offers something for virtually any interest. Unfortunately, cheap New York travel can be quite a challenge. Here are links to tips for finding affordable lodging, dining, transportation and activities in New York City.

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    Getting There

    Find good airfares to New York or Newark airports.
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    New York offers a generous selection of airports and budget airlines, so shopping for a low airfare should be easy here. Be sure to check all of the possibilities before you book a flight. With all that traffic, there is also bad news. Delays are common at most airports here, and you might find connections tough to catch. Cabs are not hard to catch, but they can be expensive. Check out advice for using an economical mode of transportation to and from the airport.

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    New York Weekend

    New York is a great place to spend a long weekend.
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    New York is a great destination for those who only have a weekend or perhaps three days for their visits. Attractions are relatively close together and can be visited efficiently using the city's fine mass transit system. Here is advice on everything from finding an affordable flight to paying for your sightseeing. But remember: some of the best New York experiences are free.
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    Marriott Marquis room 3747, New York
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    Thousands of visitors come to New York expecting to pay $300 or more for a hotel room. They might be willing to pay that median price, but they want good value for the money. Unfortunately, many times that ordinary price brings an ordinary room. Others simply can't afford to pay that much, and they're looking for low cost rooms. No matter where on the economic spectrum you find yourself, there are ways to look for budget, middle and full-service rooms in the city that never sleeps.
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    Getting Around

    There are a number of economical ways to get around New York City.
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    From its legendary yellow cabs to the extensive subway system, it's important to know how to get around Manhattan and New York on a budget. Don't be intimidated by the challenges of expensive parking and heavy traffic. Check out some tips for navigating the Big Apple in a budget-wise and efficient manner.
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    Walking the Brooklyn Bridge is an iconic New York experience, and it's free of charge.
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    New York can be an expensive city, with pricey admission fees and tours that will challenge your travel budget. While it's difficult to list every free opportunity in a city this large, here are 10 ideas to get you started. Some of the best New York experiences won't cost you a dime.

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    Find the best New York City dining that won't break your travel budget.
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    It's possible to drift through New York and eat very inexpensive food during your entire visit. But most of us want to experience the destination we've spent time and money to visit, and that includes sampling the best dining opportunities. It can be done with some careful planning. Check out links and strategies designed to have you partaking in memorable New York dining experiences on a budget.
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    The heart of New York City's entertainment district is near Times Square.
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    Just when most visitors recover from hotel room sticker shock, they confront the cost of sightseeing in New York. It can be daunting, but there are ways to skip the ticket lines and save some money on the key attractions. The bright lights of network television and Broadway call many visitors, and there are ways to save money on those experiences, too. It's important to spend time outside theaters and studios during your visit, so read more about neighborhood walking tours that will keep you entertained at reasonable prices.