Relax at the Strandskog Nude Beach Near Oslo, Norway

Oslofjord in Oslo, Norway
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Strandskog Beach is an official nude beach located in Bunnefjorden, Norway, just south of Oslo. Bunnefjorden is the central part of the Oslofjord in southeastern Norway, situated east of the Nesodden peninsula. Because the swimming and tanning season in Norway is very short—it's too cold most of the year—it's recommended that travelers plan to take advantage of the sunshine as much as possible.

Considered one of the best nude beaches in Norway, Strandskog is one of the smaller nude beaches and is a nice, partially sandy, partially pebbly beach with plenty of privacy. Clothing is optional here, so it's considered a "C/O" or "free" beach." Since this is one of the official Norwegian nude beaches, there are public beach facilities available, such as toilets and free drinking water. There are several similar nude beaches across Norway where there is a relaxed attitude toward nudity, such as Huk, Kollevågen, and Mauren.

Directions to Strandskog Beach

Strandskog Beach is easy to find. To drive to the nude beach from Oslo, travelers should go south on the E18 until they get close to the town of Lian. Then, they should make a right turn onto Ljansbrukveien, drive one mile, then turn right on Ingierstrandveien/Fv126. Finally, travelers will drive 3.5 miles, just past house number 98, to reach the two parking lots available near Strandskog Beach.

Using the bus, travelers can get to Strandskog Beach by hopping on the 907 line from Kolbotn Station in Oslo to the Prosted bus stop. From there, they can walk 800 feet south to the beach.

How to Enjoy the Beach Like a Local 

While this nude beach is known to be less touristy, there are some ways in which the locals enjoy the Nordic summer that you might want to mimic if you visit. Norwegians tend to enjoy the beach as long as possible during the summer months in order to bask in the sun and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts, so plan to spend the entirety of the daylight hours there. Tanning is also seen as somewhat of a sport, with people vying for the best-baked glow. However, Norwegians use suntan lotion for sensitive skin, so sunburns aren't common.

Other Activities Nearby

During their beach day, travelers can enjoy the nearby Svartskog Park, which is a fantastic place for walking, hiking, or a cycling trip. The beautiful views of the landscape and the water are great for beachgoers looking for some scenic vistas—and a little exercise—during the day or in the evening. The park is situated between Bunnefjorden and Gjersjøen in the Oppegård municipality of Akershus. The park has farmlands, large fields, and oak forests. This area can be accessed on County Road 126, where there's a car park. 

Travelers can also enjoy the tiny and charming Svartskog Kolonial cafe and grocery store, which has an array of homemade meals from soups to cakes. The eatery is located at Roald Amundsens vei 172, Kolbotn, Norway. It's a great stop to gather supplies for a beach picnic.

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