Stolen Items from Hotel

Guests Complain About Stolen Items from Hotel Rooms

The Police Are Regulars

Open Door Policy
"Upon returning [to the room], my daughter wanted to listen to her iPod while working out. We'd left them in the room to charge. Her 8 gig iPod was missing. So was my 4 gig iPod, and a PALM Tungsten E2, and all the chargers for them. I reported this to the staff immediately. While at the desk, I heard tales of other guests reporting catching strangers in their beds watching Pay Per View movies as they returned for the evening. I was asked not to contact the police until management had run an investigation.

I was also 'strongly encouraged' by other staff members to leave the police out of it, as they wouldn't do anything anyway. Worse yet, the hotel refused to report any of these things to the police. it seems that it is POLICY to prop open the doors of 20-30 hotel rooms on each floor during 'cleaning time' and leave them open and unattended for a few hours at a time, where anyone can walk in and take what they please. While a few members of the staff were very sympathetic and caring, I have yet to hear from the manager, or the housekeeping supervisor.

No patron of this hotel should have to pack all their personal belongings with them when leaving the room to be cleaned. I don't rent a hotel room so I can watch the staff." -Brrrse454 (Mississippi)

Thousand Dollar Runaround
"On the day before we checked out, I had $1000 stolen out of my room. The money was hidden in my wallet in a drawer between clothes. I saw the log of all the keys that entered my room that day. There were two different housemaids that went in about an hour or so apart. I found this weird as did the front desk person. There was also a supervisor that went in. I was there when she went in. There was no knock first. I was in the process of getting undressed. The next day, the hotel staff was very 'unhelping.' I talked to a housekeeping supervisor and she told me there would be an investigation and that the General Manager would call me on my cell at noon.

I had a pass to go to Disneyland that day but didn't use it because I wanted to get this all cleared up. I rode over by Disneyland and had breakfast and walked around for a few hours. No phone call. Finally went back to the hotel around 1 or 2 and was told by the front desk that there was no General Manager. I asked who the top person was and they handed me a card for [her]. My son called her on her cell phone since it was her day off. He told her what happened and this was the first she had heard of it.

I also talked to her and let her know I wanted resolution. $1000 is a lot of money to me. She promised to call me back. She had me put the police case number on the incident report, which I did and we finally left for the airport. I have called and emailed and have received nothing back. The part that really unnerves me is that one of the housekeepers went through our drawers. If it is that unsafe to leave anything of value in your room, I would have to leave everything that was in my luggage in your hotel safe." -Kay V.


But We Know Who Did It!
"My family has been staying at this resort for the last four years and enjoyed it thoroughly. But, after this year, we will never stay here again. Four women and five children checked in and had a great time the first night. The next morning, we had items stolen from a shower stall (including the only car keys to one of the cars we brought, which we then had to have towed 30 miles). We ID'ed an employee who was involved and got treated like liars and were given no sympathy at all.

We couldn't even get a refund of our money so we could go stay somewhere we felt was safer. They even let the employee work the next night. It was horrible and we will never, ever recommend this place to anyone again." -Kvb (Oregon)

Look Harder
"When we arrived, our rooms were not yet ready, and we were encouraged to leave our luggage with the front desk people for safe keeping while we lunched. We were assured that the luggage would be safe. When we returned after an hour, a backpack containing approximately $4500 worth of electrical equipment had been stolen. The manager was contrite, admitting their responsibility, but stated he could do nothing without a police report. We did file a report and provided the manager with a copy, whereupon he informed us that the hotel management office would file a claim with their insurance company.

I have tried to contact the hotel chain representative several times over the past six weeks, but have received only a cursory response that they were looking into it." -T.B. (Barcelona)

Reckless Valet
"The people of the hotel (valet) drove our Honda Pilot and they burst a tire and gave a blow on one of our rims. The manager came out and he didn't repair any damage on our SUV and gave no explanation about what happened. I had written several letters and until now I'm waiting for his answer." -Raul (Mexico)

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