STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan

Steak With a Heaping Side of Sexy

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I have a tendency to have too much fun. I have the tendency to take the party to the next level even if that means I’m the last one smiling while everyone is already done. I want to move in my seat and I want to get the full experience. If there is a place in Las Vegas that has the recipe for a good time it’s STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan. The bar sitting right in the middle of the action, the DJ spinning records off to the side and an atmosphere that makes you want to lean over and whisper into a stranger's ear.

Now I won’t confess to dancing in my seat but I can tell you that right about the time I sampled my second cocktail I felt like there was no need for me to leave. I wanted the experience to last even longer. From the first course through dessert, from the good looking wait staff to the music, STK delivered the right amount of Vegas sexy to my table.

Location: STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan
The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, NV 89109

Phone: (877) 893-2003

Cuisine at STK Las Vegas: Steak with a side of sexy

Reservations for STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan: Recommended

Price Range at STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan: moderate to expensive

Hours at STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan:
Open daily for dinner.

Attire: Business Casual

What it’s like at STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan?
Imagine that place in your imagination where everyone looks good, where the music is right, the food is good and you’re sure that the entire group is going back to your house and you’ll have great conversations over amazing cocktails. Now, walk yourself over to the Cosmopolitan and get that hip vibe and combine it with your imagination and you have STK Las Vegas. The energy is all Las Vegas. It’s that feel you get when you walk into a place and you know you made the right decision. You want to call your high school boyfriend or girlfriend and laugh at them for not sticking with you because you are having a great time. That is what it is like. It has a sexiness that often gets lost in fine dining. It has an atmosphere of fun and excitement as well as of anticipation as to what is coming next.

How’s the food at STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan?
Executive Chef Stephen Hopcraft crafts a menu that feels very much like the restaurant, as if it is ready to break out and start a huge raging party. It’s the subtle flavors that make it special from the fingerling potatoes and brown butter on the Dover sole or the ability to allow the beef flavor to come through in the cooking process of the steaks. Things are done right and the food matches the atmosphere.

What you should try at STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan:

  • Lil BRGRs – Yeah, I know I should not be telling you to have sliders but they are quite fascinating. The soft bun elevating the Wagyu and the explosion of beef flavor as it soothes your taste buds. If the chef is having a barbecue you can be sure I’m trying to get an invitation because a beer and these tiny burgers would be heavenly.
  • Seared Big Eye Tuna- wasabi potato, maitake, sweet miso jus – Just the right amount of sear on the tuna brightens the flavors of the ocean. I could have used a tiny bit more of a wasabi punch but I could easily eat this dish in a fancy fine dining restaurant or on my lanai with a view of Molokai. Delightfully fresh and light with just enough punch to make me want to get up and dance right beside my table.
  • Share a Porterhouse – STK is a sharing type of place. Not in the way that you eat family style but with the atmosphere that you almost feel like you could reach over and ask your new found friends if they mind sharing some of their meat. Find someone special and share a piece of beef. STK exudes a sexiness that is best shared with a group of people.

What you should drink at STK Las Vegas at the Cosmopolitan:

  • Cucumber Stiletto – Fresh Cucumber, Ketel One Citron, St. Germain, Tyku – Please don’t judge me if I order this drink when I’m with you. Cucumber relaxes me and the light fresh flavors simply empty my brain and allow me to escape. That seems to work well in Las Vegas.
  • Green Intensity - Bombay sapphire, lime juice, serrano chili slices, basil leaves – I started my evening with this cocktail and if every night could go as well as this one I would carry around a canteen filled with it. Just enough spice to awaken your taste buds and then coat them with citrus and basil.

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