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The staySky Vacation Club dedicates web space to assist those who are looking for a viable vacationing spot for their members. They are able to accommodate a range of different vacationers and their individual needs. This club is run on a membership and point system, and it provides opportunities for vacations worldwide. For those who choose to become a member of this vacation club, they gain access to around 3,000 resorts throughout the world. They provide the means to help members plan their entire vacation in order to make the most out of every moment they are on vacation.

staySky Vacation Club takes the hotel vacation experience to the next level by offering accommodation that ranges from one bedroom condos to four bedroom townhouses with up to 2,170 square feet of space and can sleep up to ten guests. These spacious options are ideal for family vacations and its Lake Buena Vista Resort Village & Spa has been ranked #7 Best Hotel for Families in United States by TripAdvisor.

staySky Points

Whenever someone becomes a member of staySky, they will start accumulating staySky points. These points can be redeemed when planning a vacation to help the member save money on a number of different possible venues. For instance, they can be used towards entertainment options, travel upgrades, and even vacation accommodations that would otherwise cost them a lot of extra money. Unlike other point systems, this particular point system is rather flexible. Members can not only borrow from their next year’s points, but they can also choose to rent extra points if they are needed for their upcoming vacation.

The real question is what happens to member’s points if they choose not to go on a lavish vacation? Being a member of the starSky vacation club allows its members to do one of two things with their remaining yearly points: members can either choose to save their points for an additional year after they have accumulated them, or they can share their points with other members to assist them in their vacations.

staySky Escapes Reward Credits

Members can accumulate staySky Escapes Reward Credits over time by using the services offered by the club. Members can acquire reward credits from services including cruises, tours, and wine club membership. They can even choose to put these points towards their annual membership fee.

Three Types of Membership Plans

Below one will be able to see the differences between the three types of membership plans that are available to choose from.

  • staySky Vacation Clubs - This plan is the traditional plan offered. It provides a lifetime of membership benefits. This plan gives members access to the points-based system as well as the use of Reward Credits.
  • staySky Membership Club - This membership allows members to be a little more flexible with the choices that they make during the time they are members. The biggest difference between this plan and the first one is that members can choose to opt-out of their membership at any time.
  • staySky Explorer - This plan is designed for those who are not sure if this club is a right fit for them personally. Members choosing this plan are able to enjoy a full week stay within a period of 18 months. During this time, they will be able to witness how things work as a member of the club, and they will also gain access to car rentals and other benefits designed specifically for this particular membership.
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