Stay Safe and Healthy on Vacation With These 5 Great Gift Ideas

Easing Those Aching Muscles and Safety Concerns

We all desperately look forward to our vacation time each year, but that doesn’t mean it’ll always be the perfect trip. From safety concerns to leg, back and shoulder pain from cramped seats and long days exploring, it doesn’t take much to ruin even the best-planned holiday.

These five gift ideas deal with all these problems, plus they’re easy to pack and all cost under a hundred dollars. Staying safe and healthy on vacation has never been easier!

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Revolar Wearable Panic Button


Travel throws up all kinds of situations. Most of them are fun and fascinating, but occasionally they’re worrying or downright dangerous. That’s where Revolar’s wearable panic button comes into play.

Small enough to fit on a key ring or wear discretely under clothing, the button connects to Apple and Android smartphones via Bluetooth. Up to five separate contacts can be set up within the accompanying app, who’ll all receive a text or email notification when the button is pressed.

Travelers simply press once to check in, twice if they feel uncomfortable, and three or more times if they’re in immediate danger. As long as the paired smartphone has Internet and GPS access, contacts will be immediately notified of the alert type and location.

At that point, they can call the owner or emergency services, or take whatever action seems most appropriate. The battery in the device lasts 6-12 months, and is user-replaceable. It’s simple, discrete peace of mind.

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React Mobile Sidekick

React Mobile Sidekick
React Mobile

For even higher levels of security, the React Mobile Sidekick and Mobile Safety app offers real-time location tracking in addition to a panic button.

Location details can be shared with anybody using the website or free app, and if a given time limit expires, an alert is sent out to designated emergency contacts. The alert can also be raised via a “Help Me” mode.

The Sidekick button attaches to key rings, bags and more, with a single button for quickly raising the alarm without needing to find and unlock a smartphone. As long as the phone is within Bluetooth range and has Internet coverage, the button triggers the same alert process as the app with a single pres

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Cramped economy class seats, bumpy roads, uncomfortable hotel beds, heavy bags… the list of ways to end up with a bad back on vacation seem almost endless. Throw a BodyworksBall into a suitcase, though, and at least dealing with the pain becomes a lot more manageable.

The idea is simple, a solid ball attached to a rope and handles. Massaging a sore neck, back or shoulders is done by standing against a wall, and using the handles to move the ball into the perfect spot. Feet don’t miss out, either – just stand on the ball on a hard floor. It’s a practical way of having a less painful vacation.

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SKLZ Hydro Roller

SKLZ Hydro Roller

Staying properly hydrated is just as important on vacation as any other time. Exploring new cities, hiking and other physical exertion, especially in hot conditions, means upping the fluid intake to stay happy and healthy. All that walking can lead to other problems, too. Hours walking on cobblestones in European cities, or up and down hills, is a sure-fire recipe for aches and pains the next day.

The SKLZ Hydro Roller aims to deal with both problems in a single compact package. The 28oz stainless steel bottle holds enough water to get through several hours of exploring, while the high-density foam exterior is ideal for releasing trigger points and massaging tired muscles after a long travel day.

Multi-purpose gear like this makes a perfect gift for the active traveler in your life.

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Finders Key Purse

Finders Key Purse
Alexx Inc

Speaking of multi-purpose travel gear, the Finders Key Purse is another great example. Digging around in the bottom of handbag to find car or hotel keys for the tenth time that day is frustrating. The key purse accessory is available in a wide range of designs, and attaches to the outside of the bag to look good while keeping the keys easily accessible.

The company has recently added a range of safety accessories to the Key Purse, keeping women safer while traveling and during daily life. Choose between pepper spray or a combination safety alarm/flashlight, both of which stay easily accessible on the end of the Key Purse for inexpensive and convenient safety.

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