5 Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy on the Road These Holidays

Personal Security, Working Out and More

Staying safe, fit and healthy on vacation can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. These five gift ideas for travelers cover everything from personal security to working out, managing life-saving medications and more.

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Robocopp Grenade Ultra-Compact Siren

Robocopp Personal Siren

For those concerned about personal safety while traveling to unfamiliar destinations, the petite Robocopp Grenade siren makes a prudent gift.

Named for the ‘pin’ that’s pulled out to activate the device, the Grenade emits a piercing 120db alarm for 30 minutes, or until the pin is replaced. Weighing less than an ounce, and able to be easily clipped to a key ring, backpack or clothing, it acts a useful deterrent to both potential attackers and wild animals.

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Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Kinsa Smart Thermometer

Taking a vacation is great – but sitting near hundreds of other people on long flights, plus a whole new set of germs and bacteria in overseas destinations, can leave even the hardiest traveler feeling under the weather.

The Kinsa Smart Thermometer turns the chore of taking and recording temperatures and symptoms, and turns it into a quick and simple process. Simply plug the thermometer into your smartphone’s headphone, wait ten seconds, and the temperature, date and time is recorded automatically.

Profiles can be created for everyone who uses the thermometer, and notes and images can be added to build up a detailed picture of symptoms and treatments to show a doctor as necessary.

The thermometer is thin, bendable and durable, meaning it can be dropped into your carry-on without fear of breakage.  

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FitKit Portable Fitness Kit


Staying fit on the road isn’t easy. Jetlag, unfamiliar cities and lack of regular gym access make it hard for even the most determined traveler to get their workouts in. Enter the Fitkit Portable Fitness Kit.

This TSA-friendly, two-pound kit is designed to fit easily in your carry-on, and contains a jump rope, resistance tube and band with door attachment, floor markers, plus a pedometer and reflective arm band for outdoor workouts.

The kit also includes access to a workout library of over 250 exercises focused on strength, cardio and flexibility, so there’s no excuse for getting bored!

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Veta Smart Case for EpiPen

Veta Smartcase for EpiPen

Available for pre-order now, and targeting to ship in February 2016, the Veta Smart Case works with existing EpiPen auto-injectors to ensure these life-saving devices are never left behind or out of date.

The case uses Bluetooth to connect to compatible iOS and Android smartphones, raising an alarm when the two devices get too far apart. The app lets users know when the ambient temperature gets dangerously high or low, and when expiry dates are approaching.

The system also allows for private ‘support circles’ – people who will be notified when the auto-injector is removed from its case, or the proximity alarm activated.

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Acel Compression Socks

Acel compression socks

Humans aren’t designed to sit in one place for several hours at a time – which is a bit of a problem on long haul flights. Especially in coach, cramped seating leaves little room for moving around, often causing stiffness, discomfort and potentially dangerous health problems like deep vein thrombosis.

Acel’s compression socks were originally designed for sporting use, but they’re equally useful for travelers. The firm yet gentle compression of leg and foot muscles helps alleviate the pain and cramps of multi-hour flights, while the padded soles make them equally comfortable when sightseeing on the cobbled streets of a European city or hiking a mountain.

The socks come in a range of colors and weights for both men and women, at an affordable price.

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