How to Stay Cool at Disney World

Great tips for overcoming Florida's heat while visiting Disney World!

Splash Mountain
••• Splash Mountain. © The Walt Disney Company

Florida's summer temperatures can wilt the enthusiasm of even the most fervent Disney fan, but these tips can go a long way to help you stay comfortable.:

Dress appropriately and use personal cooling gear.

Dressing for the weather in lightweight and light-colored clothing (preferably cotton) will go a long way in helping you keep your cool. Wear a hat with a brim and use spritzers, clip-on personal fans and wet washcloths or wipes to keep skin moist and cool.

Visit theme parks in the mornings and evenings.

If you're staying at a Disney World Resort hotel, take advantage of Disney's Extra Magic Hours program to give yourself extra time in the parks when the temperatures and crowds are not as intense.

Grab a cool drink.

It's important to stay hydrated, so any of these top Disney World drinks are sure to hit the spot on a hot day!

Get wet in the parks.

Besides carrying a personal misting device, there are several ways to get wet in the Disney theme parks:

  • Disney's Magic Kingdom: You will get wet if you ride Splash Mountain, but beware of the long lines and get a FastPass+ for this ride. Even if you carry a personal misting device, you can find cool mist sprayers in several park locations — including the Cool Scanner in Tomorrowland and the Tiki's in Adventureland that provide mists and random squirts of water.
  • Epcot: Catch the water if you can at the dancing fountains in Future World outside the Imagination Pavilion. Also, find cool mists near Ellen's Energy Adventure at Universe of Energy and at Test Track's Cool Wash.
    • Disney's Hollywood Studios: On the backlot of the studios, you'll find an umbrella prop that simulates the famous Singing In The Rain scene with Gene Kelly that sprays water when you step under it.
    • Disney's Animal Kingdom: Animal Kingdom is one of Disney's hottest parks and one of the best ways to cool off is find one of several misting areas scattered throughout the park.

      Seek Air Conditioning

      This should be a no-brainer, but difficult when you don't know which rides and attractions are air conditioned. These are my favorite attractions that I head to when I'm hot and tired and needing to cool down:

      • Disney's Magic Kingdom:
        • The very popular Pirates of the Caribbean will get you out of the sun and in the cool from the moment you step into the dark dungeon-like queue to the end of the boat ride; and, you might get splashed during the gentle drop, which could feel really good on a hot day.
        • Take a ghostly tour through the classic Haunted Mansion in air conditioned comfort from start to finish.
        • Once you make it through the outdoor queues, Country Bear Jamboree and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor offer 15 minute air conditioned shows.
        • If you're hot and tired and in need of a longer respite from the Florida sun, the Hall of Presidents offers a comfortable, air-conditioned lobby and auditorium that is perfect for relaxing in cool comfort.
      • Epcot:
        • It is easy to spend hours in The Land Pavilion with its numerous attractions (Soarin', Living With the Land and more) and dining options (Garden Grill Restaurant and Sunshine Seasons Food Court); and, nearby The Seas Pavilion with Nemo and friends is also a great place to cool down.
        • Avoid Spaceship Earth early in the morning and come back in the heat of the day for an air conditioned ride and stay as long as you want in the post-show area that is also comfortably air conditioned.
        • While I'm not a fan of Ellen's Energy Adventure at Epcot's Universe of Energy, it is a great place to cool off. The ride is very dark, very cool and very relaxing... although the combination of the darkness and the dinosaurs roaring may upset small children.
        • Disney's Hollywood Studios:
        • Disney's Animal Kingdom:
          • Two of the few places to cool down at Disney's Animal Kingdom are the live shows — The Festival of the Lion King and Finding Nemo-The Musical — which are undoubtedly two of the best shows in all the theme parks combined. Expect 30 minutes or more of wonderful entertainment presented in air conditioned comfort.
        • Disney Springs:
          • Spend a hot summer day in air conditioned comfort at DisneyQuest in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney).

        Visit a water park.

        Disney World has two wonderfully wet water parks that are especially fun on hot summer days. If you're not staying long enough to visit both, here's what you need to know to decide whether Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach might be your best choice.

        Enjoy a cool pool.

        Each Disney World Resort hotel has one or more pools. Some of the pools are themed, like those at Disney's value resorts — All-Star Movies, Music and Sports Resorts; Pop Century; and, the new Art of Animation.