6 Reasons You Should Stay at the Stratosphere Las Vegas

You get a great deal, and you can jump off a tower

Stratosphere Las Vegas

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The best reason to stay at the Stratosphere Las Vegas is value. When you consider what you get you'll quickly realize that it is very cheap on a relative scale. However, don't make a decision on your vacation entirely based on price, while it's important to save money, can you have a good time? At the Stratosphere you'll get a good dose of Las Vegas action and a lot of only-in-Las Vegas moments.

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Stratosphere Las Vegas

Stratosphere Las Vegas

If you are seeking the Las Vegas experience but you want to save money, the Stratosphere Las Vegas is right for you. You'll save money, you'll be pleased with the entertainment and nightlife options, and you can still see the rest of Las Vegas knowing you paid far less for your room.

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Top of the World Restaurant

A dish served at The Top of the World

If you need to impress an attractive someone, bring them here for lunch, get a glass of something with bubbles, and share the Tuna Tataki and Asian Salad, followed by a Bahn Mi and the steak with peppercorn sauce. End the meal with cheesecake lollipops. 

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The Rooms

Room at the Stratosphere Hotel

The newly refurbished rooms at the Stratosphere Hotel will make you want to linger in your room a little longer, despite how exciting things are outside. 

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Happy Hour at the C Bar

The C Bar

The casino bar in the heart of all the action at the Stratosphere. This is where you can start your evening and enjoy all the drinks you want at an incredibly reasonable price.

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Jump off the Stratosphere Tower

Stratosphere Tower with jumper

It's a controlled free-fall, so you won't race toward the pavement at terminal velocity, but you will pick up a little speed as you look down the Las Vegas strip. If you have jumped out of an airplane you won't be impressed, but if you have always wanted to and you want to get a taste of the experience, this is for you. Step off the platform, and you are on your way for a fall of about 800 feet.

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Have a Drink

Level 107 Lounge

Danny Garcia

Three places that will make your Las Vegas vacation that much better are at the Stratosphere Hotel: C Bar, Air Bar, and the Level 107 Lounge are all perfect for an afternoon and evening of drinks and conversation. Head up to the Level 107 Lounge right before the sun goes down, and you'll be treated to a natural light show right before the Las Vegas strip puts on its very own show.

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