Standley White

Stan is an avid outdoors guy and has lived in the West most of his life. He moved to Reno in 2003 to be closer to all the activities he enjoys, such as hiking and outdoor photography. He also enjoys being part of the transformation of Reno / Tahoe into a multi-faceted adventure destination. To contact Stan, send email to


Stan has worked in various Internet-related positions for over 15 years. A past position was with Intel Corp., where he was part of the team that wrote and maintained content for the corporate public Web presence. He has worked for two Northern California newspapers as a correspondent and photographer, where he gained valuable experience in the art of bringing timely and relevant news to the public. As a freelancer, he has provided various publications with articles and photography essays.


Stan has a BA in sociology from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California.

Standley White

The Reno / Tahoe area is on a fast-track to re-invent itself as a place where residents and visitors alike can enjoy an active lifestyle, including world-class entertainment and some of the best outdoor recreation found anywhere. It's fun being part of all the positive changes, and I truly enjoy helping others discover a great place to live. Give me a holler if you have comments, questions, or suggestions.

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