Stacey Nguyen

Stacey has worn many hats throughout her writing career, working in content marketing, nonprofit communications, and journalism at different points in her life. Her expertise lies in office supplies, fashion, entertainment, and all things Internet—especially trending topics and e-commerce. Prior to freelancing, she worked as a content creator at an online stationery store, where she wrote blogs and video scripts about notebooks, fountain pens, and everything in between. Her goal as a writer is to provide readers with useful information in a friendly, engaging manner, whether she's writing about travel-friendly rain jackets or streamable stand-up specials. You can follow her on Twitter @yecats_nguyen.


  • Stacey speaks three languages: English, French, and Vietnamese
  • She graduated with honors from UC Berkeley in 2016, double majoring in Political Science and Rhetoric
  • She started writing for TripSavvy in June 2018


Stacey's work has appeared on POPSUGAR, StyleCaster, HelloGiggles, and The Bold Italic. 


Stacey graduated with honors from UC Berkeley in 2016, double majoring in Political Science and Rhetoric.

TripSavvy ​work: 


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