Where to go for St. Patrick's Day in Germany

Celebrating the biggest Irish holiday in Germany

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••• Celebrating Saint Patrick's Day in Germany. Erin Porter

It may seem odd to celebrate Ireland’s national holiday in Germany, but just like in the USA, there are plenty of people with Irish heritage, Irish expats or people simply looking to party in green. That said, there are fewer celebrations that you see in the States, but with this guide we will help you track down the best St. Patrick's Day Party in your area of Germany on March 17th (or the nearest weekend).

St. Patrick’s Day in Germany

As mentioned before, St. Patrick's Day took a while to catch on in Germany. That doesn't mean there is a lack of real, Guiness-in-their-veins Irish people. The Irish Embassy in Berlin estimates the number of Irish residents to be between 1,500 - 1,700 people. And that isn't counting the boatloads of people who proudly tout their Irish heritage.

The two largest parades are in Munich and Berlin, but Irish pubs will of course be a popular site of celebration for the entire weekend. Look for live concerts, parties and events and be prepared to pay a small cover (usually under €5). And - bonus! - as this year's celebration is on a Friday, expect a party anywhere drinking happens.

Put on something green, practice ordering a Guinness in German ("Ein Guinness bitte!") and give thanks to the Irish. It is St. Patrick's Day in Germany. Slainte

St. Patrick’s Day in Munich

The biggest Irish party in Germany is also one of the largest in all of Europe.

It takes place in the celebration capital, Munich. A small gathering of Irish expats in 1996 have turned this little party into a massive parade of over 15,000 participants and spectators. It is billed as the largest multicultural event in Munich (after Oktoberfest and the Faschingsumzug).

This parade also pays reference to the religious overtones of the holiday.

Celebration begins with an Irish mass and the parade is ordained by a priest.

2017 St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Munich

This will be Munich's 22nd St. Patrick's Day celebration in Germany. The parade always takes place the Sunday before St. Patrick's Day.

Sunday March 12th, 2017

  • 12 noon: Parade from Münchner Freiheit to Odeonsplatz
  • 13:30: Parade Ends at Wittelsbacher Platz
  • Post 14:00: After Parade Party at Odeonsplatz with music- and dance displays on two stages

Full Parade Info: www.stpatricksday.de

Top Irish Pubs in Munich

In addition to the official festivities, every Irish bar worth its salt will be hosting their own version of special events and concerts. Find an Irish bar near you and join the celebration.

St. Patrick’s Day in Berlin

A ragtag start of a St.

Patrick’s Day parade in 2011 has turned into an enthusiastic gathering of Irish expats and fans in Kreuzberg. Over  5,000 people will make their way through the streets of Berlin accompanied by the sweet music of bagpipes, everything Grün (green) and many Späti (all-hours convenience store) beers.

2017 St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations in Berlin

Friday March 17th, 2017

  • 1:45 pm - Gathering at Plänterwald S-Bahn (S8, S9, S85)
  • 2:00 pm - Parade route: Plänterwald S-Bahn > Am Treptower Park > Eichenstrasse > Arena
  • 3:00 pm – St. Patrick’s After Party 

Full Parade Info: www.visitberlin.de/de/event/17-03-2017/st-patricks-day-berlin-2017

Top Irish Pubs in Berlin

Berlin is a city of bars from old German Kneipe to classic Irish pubs. Here is a selection of some of the best around the city.

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