Club St. Louis: Missouri's Famous Gay Bathhouse

The popular Club St. Louis gay bathhouse

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Club St. Louis is the premier gay bathhouse in the city for which it's named. The club is part of the well-known chain of gay saunas in Missouri, with additional locations in Columbus, Dallas, Fort Lauderdale, Houston, Indianapolis, and Orlando. This spacious facility is just west of downtown St. Louis in the Loft District, about a 10-minute drive from the riverfront, and only 3 miles east of the trendy and gay-popular Central West End.

Facility Perks and Things to Do

Amenities at the 24-hour gay sauna include a large outside heated pool surrounded by a nice big sundeck. It's very popular on sultry summer days and evenings, consistently clean and well-kept throughout, and has plenty of secure, free parking. There's a large video lounge showing porn to an always-eager audience, as well as a tanning bed, steam room, hot tub, and a dry sauna. Additionally, there's an indoor whirlpool, free Wi-Fi, and a nicely equipped gym. Nudity is allowed in all wet areas, and most of the outdoor pool areas, and towels or sports clothing should be worn in public areas.

The health and fitness center also provides community testing for STDs and HIV, and also acts as a place to distribute condoms and safe sex information for everyone, whether a member or non-member. Free testing is available, through the St. Louis Health Department, for gay, bisexual, or straight individuals every fourth Thursday of the month.

Club Perks and Rules

Men can enjoy a great work out in the huge workout room or take a swim after some socialization at this reputable establishment. Relieving stress and rejuvenating the body in this relaxed environment is key, with an array of lounges, showers, and a retail, beverage, and snack shop. While various potential customers have questioned if they are welcomed in the club, the club is happy to share that men of all shapes and sizes are welcomed, including transgender (FTM) men, heavier men, multicultural men, and so on.

Memberships are required to enter the club and can be purchased for a one-time visit or three-month membership. Standard rooms and deluxe rooms are available, which vary in size and amenities depending on the club. These private changing rooms have lockers and rooms available on the weekends and weekdays for a reasonable fee. Dressing rooms are not able to be rented or paid for in advance under any circumstances.

Prohibited Items

Women are not allowed in the club, even if married to a member. Dogs are also prohibited unless they are a trained service animal. Patrons will find that cell phones with built-in cameras are not allowed due to their photographic capabilities. Lastly, tours are unavailable due to privacy reasons.

Special Events

A variety of events and discounts are available weekly at the club. For example, every Sunday afternoon, there is a complimentary lunch. Thursdays include Daddy Night for 40+, and the last Thursday of every month includes a Lights Out Party. Guests will find that there is also a discount for lockers for young men who purchase the new red card.

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