St. Kitts Marriage License Requirements

Basseterre, St Kitts, West Indies

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St. Kitts is one of the easiest countries in the Caribbean in which to obtain a marriage license and get married. It does not burden couples who have limited time with an extended residency requirement; only two working days are required. There are also a minimum of official procedures required to obtain a marriage license.

To Get Married in St. Kitts, Couples Only Need:

  • PERSONAL IDENTIFICATION. A copy of their birth certificates and two forms of government-issued photo ID such as a valid passport or driver's license for each member of the couple.
  • STATUS CONFIRMATION. An affidavit confirming each person's single status or divorce decree. If widowed, the person must present a copy of the deceased spouse's death certificate.

St. Kitts Marriage License Laws:

  • One member of the couple must stay in St. Kitts for at least two full working days (Monday through Friday) prior to the wedding ceremony.
  • A special form from the Legal Department must be signed by the Justice of Peace.

What It Costs to Get a Marriage License in St. Kitts:

  • For a special marriage license, the type normally provided to couples having a destination wedding, the cost is approximately $80 in United States currency.
  • There are also charges for the services of a notary public and marriage officer. These vary from person to person.

Wedding Ceremonies on St. Kitts

Both civil and religious services are held on the island. For religious ceremonies, it is suggested that the couple bring a letter from their priest or minister stating that they are known, unmarried and have received proper instruction.

Catholic and Anglican Ceremonies on St. Kitts:

  • If the ceremony is Roman Catholic, it must be held in a Roman Catholic Church and the two parties must have a letter from their home priest(s) verifying they are unmarried and have received instruction.
  • If an Anglican or another minister is to perform the ceremony, both parties must have a letter from their home minister(s) verifying they are known and unmarried.

Planning a Destination Wedding in St. Kitts

It's important to let your family and friends who will be attending your wedding that they will need to have a current passport and return or onward airline ticket.

What You Should Know About Planning a St. Kitts Wedding

Like much of the Caribbean, St. Kitts operates on "island time." That means everything gets done in its time, but not necessarily on your schedule. So build in plenty of time to make arrangements.

While the island's climate is typically warm and sunny, it is subject to the vicissitudes of weather. Humidity and rain are not uncommon at certain times of year, and once in a while a hurricane blows through.

Where to Stay on St. Kitts

Laidback and largely undeveloped, St. Kitts has just one major hotel, the sprawling and family-friendly St. Kitts Marriott Resort & Royal Beach Casino. It dwarfs the island's other accommodations, which are typically small and family-owned units or historic plantation inns.

Many couples who visit St. Kitts ferry over to tiny sister island Nevis, which is home to a few fine hotels including the Four Seasons Nevis and Montpelier Plantation, which also host destination weddings and honeymoons.

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