Things to Do in Spring in Texas

Spring sees warming weather across the nation. As the weather warms, more and more vacation activities become available. In Texas, there are numerous spring vacation activities - starting with Spring Break. And, although it is known mostly as a college rite, there are also plenty of family-friendly Spring Break options in the Lone Star State. Several spring holidays, including St Patrick's Day and Cinco de Mayo, are cause for celebration across Texas. Outdoor activities are also in full swing, from blooming bluebonnets to migrating birds, there is plenty to see outdoors in Texas during spring.

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Spring Break

Spring Break
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As far as college students are concerned, it is never too early to begin planning for Spring Break. Luckily for them, Texas is home to a number of excellent Spring Break destinations. Typically, there are two distinct regions Spring Breakers gravitate to in Texas – one is the Gulf Coast and the other is the Hill Country. Both of these regions offer a host of activities, with most of the fun being focused in or around the water.

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Spring Break With the Family

Roller Coaster
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Spring Break is most often associated with the annual debauchery college students partake in during their week-long break from spring semester studies. However, during this same time frame, thousands of school-age kids are also on vacation. Families of those kids are always looking for a place to go where they don’t have to have direct interaction with the college crowd. Luckily, Texas has several such family-oriented Spring Break outposts.

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Celebrate St Patty's Day

Four Leaf Clover
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Texans love celebrating St. Patrick's Day. Across the state, pubs will be full of revelers and St. Patrick's Day festival will be held. Here are a few suggestions for where to spend your St. Patrick's Day in the Lone Star State.

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Go Birding

Masked Booby
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Spring is a prime time for birding in the Lone Star State because of the annual avian migration which brings an increased number of species through Texas. And, like other outdoor activities, birding in Texas is greatly enhanced by the great variation in the state's geographic terrain. Texas is home to virtually every type of ecosystem found in North America and, thus, has a much greater variety of bird and animal life than most other states.

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See Bluebonnets Bloom

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The bluebonnet is the state flower of Texas. This particular flower was selected in large part due to the vast fields of bluebonnets that bloom each spring throughout the central portion of Texas. Over the years, the wild population has been supplemented with planted parcels of bluebonnets. During spring, fields of bluebonnets can be spotted throughout central, southeast and east Texas. Many of the state's major highways are lined with bluebonnets and other wildflowers during this time of year, making for memorably scenic drives.

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Fiesta San Antonio
Fiesta San Antonio

Fiesta San Antonio stretches over 11 days, encompasses over 100 events and benefits 100 different non-profit organizations. Over 3 million people attend Fiesta San Antonio annually. Some of the most popular are the 10k and kids' runs, Fiesta Oyster Bake, Fiesta Mariachi Mass, Roundball Ruckus, arts fair, carnival and A Night in Old San Antonio.

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Charro Days
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Because Texas was once part of Mexico, the state has a long-standing Mexican heritage and follows many Mexican traditions, including celebrating the popular Mexican holiday Cinco de Mayo. Although many people believe this is strictly a border-region phenomenon, towns across the state hold festivals to celebrate Mexico's most famous military victory.

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