Spring Travels In Texas

There is Plenty to See and Do During the Spring Season


Texas offers spring travelers a full compliment of activities. In fact, at times it almost seems as though there is too much happening across the state. But, the good news is there is something for everyone during the spring season.

For starters, a number of festivals will be happening during March, April and May. Coastal events such as Fulton’s Oysterfest, heritage events such as the North Texas Irish Festival and Nederland’s Heritage Festival will be just a small part of the spring event calendar. Music events such as Austin’s South by Southwest Festival and zany events such as Sweetwater’s Rattlesnake Roundup are also slated. Although it started out as a sleepy little music festival, South By Southwest has grown to gargantuan proportions and really dominates the spring festival scene in Texas. In fact, it has become a destination unto itself. 

Of course, as you drive between areas of the state, you won't be able to ignore the wonderful wildflowers lining the highways. In addition to seeing the flowers as you speed down the interstate, there are plenty of flower festivals throughout the spring. But, without a doubt, the flower which draws most to Texas is the bluebonnet, Texas' official state flower. Throughout the spring, fields of blooming bluebonnets can be seen throughout the state, most notably in Washington County and in the Texas Hill Country region. 

Spring is also a favorite season for birders in Texas. The Galveston Feather Fest is one of the first bird festivals in the spring, but there are plenty of other birding events throughout the spring. Serious birders may also want to consider trying to view flock of whooping cranes that winters in the Rockport area before they head north for the spring and summer. They may also want to spend some time touring the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail -- which gives visitors an opportunity to view literally hundreds of species of birds along its length. 

In general, spring is just a wonderful time to be outdoors in Texas. Whether you intend to do some fishing, go for a hike in one of Texas’ numerous state parks or any one of a host of other outdoor activities, there are plenty of things to see and do during the spring season in the Lone Star State.


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