Everything You Need to Know About Baseball Spring Training in Arizona

Springtime in Phoenix Means Cactus League Baseball

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Colorado Rockies
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Each spring the teams of the Cactus League play about a month of Spring Training Baseball in Arizona. This is when the managers take a look at the players and determine the final team rosters based on their performance. The great thing about Spring Training games is that you'll get to see many of your favorite team's players during one game.

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    Fans watch the spring training game between the Milwaukee Brewers and the Arizona Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick on March 9, 2011 in Scottsdale, Arizona.
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    Here you'll find general information and dates about Spring Training Baseball in Arizona, including how the various Cactus League teams finished up the previous regular season.

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    Ticket Box Office at Salt River Fields
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    Find schedules, ticket information, and stadium information for each of the 15 Major League Baseball teams that play Spring Training baseball in Arizona.

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    MLB Ticket being scanned
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    Every team has a different date, usually somewhere between November and mid-January.

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    Some people aren't so much interested in just seeing one team play. They'd rather plan the month of March around several games in several locations. Here's a calendar of all the games being played by date. You could even go to more than one in a day, if you choose to.

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    Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim v Colorado Rockies
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    If you aren't a local, you probably want to know what the weather is like so you can decide how to dress to cheer on your fave players. This link will help you figure out what to wear.

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    Cactus League Stadium Map
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    A map showing all ten Phoenix area stadiums that are used during Cactus League Spring Training baseball games..

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    Brewers Spring Training at Maryvale Stadium
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    The ten Cactus League stadiums in the Phoenix area are all different, with unique features, both positive and not-so-positive. Here are some tips about each stadium that you might want to know before you go to a game—maybe even before buying tickets.

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    Baseball stadium seating chart
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    Here are seating charts for all of the stadiums where Spring Training baseball is played. Both Phoenix and Tucson stadiums are included.

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    Security at Baseball stadium
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    We're all pretty much used to the security procedures at sporting events, but just in case, you should review this list.

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    Several stadiums offer free trolley transportation to the games. Use this link to learn how to take advantage of this offering.

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    Spring Training Arizona Practice Fields
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    Practice sessions are open, although spectators are usually looking through a chain link fence to watch the ballplayers go through their routines. Find out where each team's practice fields are located and get some tips about attending those sessions.

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    Getting Autographs at Spring Training Games
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    One of the most popular activities during the Spring Training season in Arizona is getting autographs. Cactus League Baseball is exhibition baseball. The stadiums are smaller and the ball players are generally more accessible.

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    How to Tell the Teams Apart in Spring Training
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    The concept of home whites and coordinating colors between the teams isn't exactly a science at Spring Training baseball games. So how do you know which is the home team and which is the visiting team?

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    You want to dress the part, don't you? Here are some recommendations for appropriate attire when attending a Cactus League baseball game.

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    Sports Bar
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    Sports bars are popular places to go after a day of cheering for your favorite team during Spring Training. Here are the best sports bars in the area, grouped geographically. Don't be surprised if you see some of the ballplayers at these sports bars after the game.
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    Baseball Term: Frozen Rope
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    Enjoy this photo tour of stadium banners, each with a different baseball phrase.