Five Spring Flower Festivals To Enjoy In North America

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Spring comes earlier in some parts of North America than others, and when it comes to the beautiful blooms that start to appear in different regions, the species of the flowers can also dictate when will be at their best. The passion for the beautiful blooms and flowers can be seen throughout North America in the spring, and there are festivals in several different parts of the country to enjoy. The best festivals are not just about the flowers though, as these five examples will show that there is a range of entertainment that accompanies the beautiful flowering blooms in each event.


Dogwood-Azalea Festival, Charleston


This festival has been an important part of spring in Missouri for nearly fifty years, and is a celebration of the blooms that are found on mature dogwood trees throughout the city during the spring. The festival is held annually in April every year, and as well as getting to see these beautiful trees in full bloom, there are also a range of other events to enjoy too. These range from a traditional fish fry and ice cream social up to parades of floats and motorbikes. There is also an annual 5k race in the city, and the selection of the winner of the pageant who is crowned as Miss Dogwood-Azalea for the year.


Biltmore Blooms, Asheville


The host for this festival is the dramatic and beautiful Biltmore House and Gardens in the town of Asheville, and the gardens here are beautifully cared for. The festival lasts for nearly two months from mid March until mid May, and the gardens are designed so that there are different areas coming into full bloom at different parts of the spring, meaning there is always something to enjoy. During the festival you can also enjoy regular music at the bandstand on the grounds at weekends, while there are also Easter Egg hunts, grape stomping at the winery and a great range of hiking trails for you to enjoy during your visit.


National Cherry Blossom Festival, Washington


This festival is one that has its origins early in the twentieth century, when a cordial agreement between the United States and Japan led to a donation of five thousand cherry trees, with the first batch of 2,000 falling victim to disease, before a second donation of three thousand trees took hold. This population of trees is the foundation of all the cherry trees to be seen in Washington, and from mid March until the end of April, they can be seen in bloom in parks across the capital. There is also a series of events, including an impressive parade and a musical concert too.


Kauai Orchid And Art Festival, Hawaii


This charming community even is held in the town of Hanapepe, on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. Orchids are flowers that generally need good conditions to grow, so seeing the range of orchids on display here shows just how well the flowers can grow in this tropical setting. There are also a range of live music performances and different arts events held during the festival too, which make this a relaxed and charming event to visit.


Rose Show And Festival, Thomasville


There are few flowers that are as beautiful and carry as much significance as roses, and in the South Georgia town of Thomasville, these stunning blooms have been celebrated with a festival for nearly a century.There are parades that travel through the town during the event, along with displays of the local services such as the police, while the local rose pageant is used to choose the Rose Queen for that year. The highlight of the celebration is the annual Rose show, where the best examples of the flower are on display.