Spring Break in Sacramento

Ideal "stay-cations" on a budget during your spring break

Spring break is here and the weather is perfect for some fun.
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Plenty of Sac State and UC Davis students will be heading to tropical locales this spring break, but many more will be staying local due to budget constraints or simply a lack of inspiration. Perhaps you’re one of those college kids, or maybe you’re a mother of five – whatever your current status, you can find great things to do during spring break in Sacramento without spending a fortune.

Budget Friendly “Staycation” Ideas in Sacramento

Stay local, stay within budget and still have a blast with these fun excursions.

Bike or Hike

Sacramento is filled to the brim with bike and hike trails to enjoy. Now that the weather is warming, spring break is an ideal time to take in some nature and enjoy the American River ambiance. Bicycles Plus rents bikes at affordable prices if you aren’t readily equipped to hit the open road, and with more than 40 bikes available, your low-key spring break will benefit from their expertise. Helmets are included with every rental.

When you’re ready to go cycling, try the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, also known as the American River Bike Trail.

Feeling a bit more daring? Check out the Sacramento to Davis bike path that stretches for 14 miles. It’s quite a ride but has been conquered by many. It’s perfect for those who ride regularly and want something different. When you arrive in Davis, be sure to stop by Redrum Burger, Woodstock’s Pizza or another local favorite before heading back.

Art Tour

Sacramento is home to many art museums and classy street fairs – many of which are ignored by locals due to the fact there just isn’t time to visit during a typically busy week. This spring break; patronize these local venues, including the Crocker Art Museum. Admission is around $10 for adults and drops down to $8 for college students and $5 for youth. Kids aged 6 and under are free. You’ll be amazed at the large collection of varying art types found within this little museum, which has recently expanded.

Historic Placerville is another winner when it comes to appreciating local art. This historic Gold Rush town is dotted with antique shops and chic boutiques you’ll love. Stay for dinner or overnight in a vintage bed and breakfast like the Eden Vale Inn.

Photography Blitz

How many places do you pass by on a regular basis without enjoying their picturesque qualities? Grab a group of friends (or your kids) and have a traveling photo shoot throughout Sacramento. Start at McKinley Park, which has long been regarded as the “most photogenic” park in Sacramento. Take some vintage snapshots near the Railroad Museum in Old Sacramento, and then pose among the blooming springtime blossoms at the Capitol Rose Garden.

River Fun

Of course, Sacramento is home to both the Sacramento River and American River, and there’s plenty to do on the water during spring break. Consider renting a raft and floating down a current of ultimate relaxation, complete with your own picnic lunch and beverage of choice. Or, sign up for a local white water rafting tour – the season kicks off the weekend of April 6.

Spring Break Traditions

Since Sacramento is centrally located within driving distance of many popular spring break activities, it is possible to get out of town on a budget. If you want to get out of the city and feel as if you’re going on a grand vacation without breaking the bank, remember these destinations make for an excellent day, weekend or week-long trips. All are within a few hours’ driving distances and provide the typical spring break traditions of beaches, bars, and first season tans.

- Lake Tahoe

- Santa Cruz

- San Francisco

- Lodi

- Monterey

- San Jose

- Capitola

- Bodega Bay

All of these features lakeside or beachfront activities you can do for cheap or free.

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