What to Do for Spring Break in Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico has all the elements you need to create a fulfilling Spring Break. Besides the obvious—the beach—the legal drinking age of 18 makes it easier for most college-age kids to get into all the parties, nightclubs, and bars.

When first you think Spring Break, South Beach in Miami or Cancun, Mexico, are usually the expected destinations. And, for most college students, Spring Break is in March, where the northern American cities are usually still in a deep freeze. The main attraction for most Spring Breakers is the beach!

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So, what makes Puerto Rico an ideal candidate for a Spring Break escape? First off, it has an amazing beach. Although you don't have to hit the beach for Spring Break, it does not matter, it is where the biggest parties will always be. The beauty of Puerto Rico is the abundant choice of beaches on which to party.

Puerto Rico's beaches range from remote and isolated strips of sand to popular spots to see and be seen. Most Spring Breakers are looking for the jam-packed beach parties. Top beach party spots include:

  • Isla Verde Beach in Carolina, San Juan
  • Sun Bay Beach in Vieques
  • Flamenco Beach in Culebra
  • Playa Sucia in Cabo Rojo
  • Playa Combate in Cabo Rojo

For those who want nothing less than the sun, the sand, and sun-kissed revelers enjoying a slice of Caribbean goodness, Puerto Rico will provide.

Of course, a beach alone does not a Spring Break make. You need places to party at night, places to sleep (catering to a student budget), and a place that is an easy plane flight away from college.


If you are looking for where to go after the sun sets, San Juan will give you enough choices to satisfy even the most zealous party animals. From bass-dropping nightclubs to smooth and sexy lounges to all kinds of bars, the capital will keep you going until it is time to head back to the beach.

Party boats are another fun option, the "floating nightclub" concept is usually a big hit with the Spring Break set.


San Juan has hotels that fit every budget—shoestring to silver spoon. There are a number of bargain hotels, including Airbnb, hostels and apartment rentals.

Once you head out of San Juan, good deals are more plentiful. The beaches of Vieques and Culebra are some of the most beautiful in the Caribbean. Vieques and Culebra are islands right off the mainland of Puerto Rico, easily accessible by boat. The islands have hotels, but no high-rises. They have bars, but no nightclubs. The pristine beaches are the main reason people come back year after year.

Air Travel

The traditionally famous Spring Break locations are usually the first to book up early. With demand, comes rising costs. If budget is a consideration, then Puerto Rico is a great alternative to the usual hot spots for Spring Break. The flight from Miami to San Juan is less than three hours, and from New York, it's just under four hours. Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the U.S., if you are an American citizen, then a passport is not necessary for travel.

Puerto Rico is a bargain during this season, with many hotels offering affordable deals and airfare available at surprisingly low prices. Look into the deals you can get, and think about making sand angels instead of snow angels in March. 

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