Watching the Game in Astoria and Long Island City

Watching games, matches, and tournaments at your local restaurant or bar

Part of the fun of living in the city is going to see your favorite sports team play at your local sports bar or neighborhood watering hole. Astorians love their sports -- no matter what kind -- and there are a lot of places in town to watch the game. Here are some of the best to collectively witness "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat."

The Irish Rover is regarded as one of the best places to watch a game in Astoria. The room is cool and dark, a refuge during the hot summer days, but also happens to feel cozy during the winter. There's a big screen in the back of the bar, as well as a series of smaller televisions around the perimeter of the room. At any time, you'll find them showing local baseball and football games, basketball and hockey games, and soccer matches, depending on the season.

The bar itself is to the right as you enter, and there are tables toward the back, near the big screen. The bartenders at the Rover pour a great Guiness and Harp, and they have a popular buy back policy as well - buy 2 drinks get the third free. The Irish Rover doesn't serve food, but you are welcome to bring food in from outside.

  • Irish Rover, 3718 28th Ave, Astoria, NY, 718-278-9372

PJ Leahy's is probably the best place to watch a game in Long Island City. It's located right at the top of the Queens-bound 7 train entrance, so it's very convenient to get there by subway. It's an Irish bar that serves great drinks and food, all reasonably priced, and the staff is friendly.

You'll find both Mets and Yankees games shown there, as well as Giants and Jets games. Hockey and basketball are also shown during their seasons. There are flat screens at every table, as well as televisions around the bar. Look for drink specials during the games.

  • PJ Leahy's, 5002 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City, NY, 718-472-5131

McCann's Pub and Grill on Ditmars Blvd is a very popular spot to watch a game in Astoria. So popular, that it's best to get there a bit early if you want to snag a table. There's a big screen toward the entrance to the bar, and smaller televisions up behind the bar which show anything from baseball to golf. And if you want something shown on one of those tvs that you don't already see playing, just ask the closest bartender to help you out.

On the big screen they'll usually show baseball games in the summer and football games in the winter; basketball and hockey during their respective seasons. They'll show popular fights as well. Whatever has the biggest draw is what they'll show.

As far as food and drink goes, there's a huge selection of food offerings - burgers and wings are the most popular - and the drinks are reasonably priced.

  • McCann's Pub and Grill, 36-15 Ditmars Blvd, Astoria, NY, 718-278-2621

Ditmars Station, owned by the same people behind Broadway Station and Astoria Brewhouse, is conveniently located at the bottom of the east stairs of the Ditmars Blvd station (hence, the name). There's a very large screen located toward the front of the bar, with numerous flat screen televisons linking the walls throughout the room. You'll likely find baseball and football games, basketball and hockey, as well as soccer matches displayed on the big screen, depending on the season.

If you don't want to watch what's playing on the big screen, just ask the bartenders to flip to your channel of choice on one of the smaller screens; they are very accommodating. Ditmars Station is a fine alternative to McCann's, mentioned above, which can get quite full after 8 p.m.

Compared to a lot of places, the menu is not huge, but there are some tasty things on it. Brunch is also served there. There are a lot of interesting beers, as well as some delicious hard cider. Note that service can be a little slow.

  • Ditmars Station, 22-55 31st St, NY, 718-777-1177


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