Spokies - Downtown Oklahoma City Bicycle Rental Program

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In Short:

Launched in the spring of 2012, Oklahoma City's downtown bicycle share and rental program is called "Spokies." The program, instituted by the city's Office of Sustainability and funded in part by federal grant money, is inspired not only by desires to help the environment and cut traffic but also by citizen demand. Oklahoma City is and will continue to be a car-centric metro due to its large area, but the recent growth of downtown residential areas has fueled city improvements in walkability and bicycle riding. For example, the city installed bike racks downtown, and many streets received bike/car sharrow lanes in 2010. Project 180 street improvements also include bicycle lane additions. Similar bike share programs have been very successful in other cities.

How does Spokies work?:

Bicycles are available at various rental kiosks throughout the downtown Oklahoma City area. Riders check out a bike by having a charge and/or deposit hold placed on their credit card at the automatic kiosks with attached locking bike stands. When finished riding, patrons return the bike to an unoccupied locking station.

How much does renting a bicycle cost?:

Oklahoma City officials modeled the pricing after similar and successful endeavors in cities such as Denver, Minneapolis and Washington, D.C. The pricing structure includes three membership options:

  • 1 year: $70.00
  • 1 month: $9.95
  • 1 half hour: $3.50

Yearly and monthly memberships come with unlimited 60-minute rides. The fee for failure to return bicycle within 48 hours of check-out is $1000.

What are the Spokies kiosk locations?:

There are eight locations for Oklahoma City bike rental stations, all near and within easy bicycling distance of key downtown areas:

  • NW 10th Street and Walker Avenue in Midtown
  • NW 8th and Hudson, Elemental Coffee in Midtown
  • NW 9th and Broadway in Automobile Alley
  • NW 4th and Harvey near the OKC National Memorial and Museum
  • 300 Park Avenue near the downtown library
  • Southwest corner of the Cox Convention Center
  • 2 S. Mickey Mantle Drive in Bricktown, near the ballpark
  • 2nd and Walnut in the Deep Deuce district
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