How Will You Spend Christmas in Las Vegas

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    Why Las Vegas for Christmas? Why Not?

    If you have your heart set on avoiding the family this Christmas you have to consider Las Vegas. You'll see more Christmas trees than your camera phone will allow you to photograph and you will not have to be burdened with trying to pick between two families to visit on Christmas day. Grab someone special and spend the holidays in Las Vegas and you just might find that the lack of stress makes you very happy.

    5 Things To Do This Christmas in Las Vegas

    • Shop Until You Drop - Don't spend money on others, buy yourself something nice. Maybe not, but treat yourself to something after all you have worked hard this year.
    • Experience Winter in Venice - You cannot get to Italy this year but you can get to the Las Vegas version of Venice.
    • Ice Skate with a view of the strip - Put on ice skates at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and glide around while holding someones hand and sipping a drink.
    • See the cactus all lit up - It is a very Vegas thing to see. Cactus all lit up for the holidays at the Ethel M Chocolate Factory.
    • Stay in Las Vegas for New Year's Eve - Why go home before the real party starts? Stay until after midnight and say hello to the new year.
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    Christmas Shopping in Las Vegas

    Christmas shopping in Las Vegas is outstanding. You have all the malls and the great outlet centers. The Forum Shops at Caesars as well as the Shoppes in the Grand Canals of the Venetian and the Fashion Show Mall. I'm not a huge fan of racing out to do Christmas shopping in Las Vegas but it is a necessary evil and there is something fun about the atmosphere in the shopping areas during the holidays.

    Yes, it is crazy but if you keep it together you can have some fun.

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    Christmas at Caesars Palace Las Vegas

    Zeke Quezada

    Caesars Palace is usually a nice place to take a stroll but around Christmas time the lights and the trees really give you that special holiday feeling. Think about it, artificial trees, artificial snow, artificial ice and reindeer. Las Vegas is all about the make believe.

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    Paris Las Vegas at Christmas

    Zeke Quezada

    Do the French ever find a kind word to say at Christmas? Don’t worry at Paris Las Vegas everyone is nice and they never forget Christmas. The city of lights transforms into the city of Christmas lights.


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    Christmas Decorations at the Monte Carlo Las Vegas

    I don't know about you but the Christmas Decorations they use at the Monte Carlo Las Vegas scare me. Really, is it Mardi Gras in December? The Monte Carlo usually has a number of trees set up in its lobby and they all have some very interesting ornaments.

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    Christmas at the Bellagio Las Vegas

    The Bellagio Las Vegas does Christmas very well. The gardens have the large Christmas Trees and the lobby is decorated in such a festive fashion that you almost forget that everything is so expensive.

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    Christmas Tree at Bellagio

    Imagine the cost of decorating this tree.

    Now, don’t start gambling too much in an effort to help them pay for all the festive decorations.

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