7 Special Events When an RV Rental Makes Sense

Want to make memories that last a lifetime? Consider an RV for these events!

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Joe Laing

Love to host parties and special events but hate renting venues or rearranging your home to fit the crowd? There’s a way to have complete control over the venue, the cost and the pre-event prep that you may not have considered. Renting an RV, even if you park it in your own driveway, provides a unique, flexible way to entertain that your guests won’t soon forget.

Today’s motorhomes offer comfort, convenience and style. Here are just seven special events when an RV rental makes sense. Use our list to jump-start your own party planning.

7 Special Events You Should Rent an RV For

Sweet 16 Party

Today’s sweet 16 parties have become over-the-top extravaganzas. But what if you’re hoping to reel things back to reality, while still providing a memorable experience for your teen? How about a private retreat for her favorite friends, one you can supervise discreetly from the front porch?

Renting an RV ‘party room’ is easy, then she’ll just need to pick the theme and menus. Use MP3 players or a laptop for music, add food and let the party begin.

Pro Tip: Set your ground rules ahead of time to keep things sane and allow the kids to party without (too much) parental hovering.

Bachelor Party

Are you in charge of honoring the groom one last time as a single man? What about renting a motorhome and setting it up for manly pursuits like playing poker and eating things that would give a wife a heart attack?

Even if all you do is rent an RV, order a stack of delivery pizzas and break out the beer, karate movies and poker chips, you’ll save the hassle and expense of renting hotel rooms. If you do plan to indulge in adult beverages, won’t even need a designated driver, so long as the RV stays put!

Girlfriends’ Getaway

Love to hang out with the girls, but hate the noise and crowds at hotels? Pool your getaway dollars and rent an RV big enough to host the gang for a weekend (or longer)!

Choose a scenic natural setting like a local lake or state park and let it set the scene for your RV girlfriends’ getaway. Plan easy meals and assign someone to buy the groceries. You’ll also be setting the scene for outdoor pursuits like hiking, biking and paddling, depending on the locale.

Whether your friends prefer to read by the campfire, stay up all night and talk or go out in search of nature, making a rental RV your home base keeps it comfortable. Who knows? This could become the annual getaway your girlfriends talk about all year!

Annual Retreats

Here’s a fun idea for your book club’s annual Saturday readathon, your writing group’s day-long writing retreat or your craft club’s pre-Christmas workday—rent an RV and set it up as a cozy work room, library or writer’s retreat.

Use the RV kitchen to prepare breakfast or brunch or put on a pot of chili and have everyone bring their favorite snacks to share. Group members can spread out throughout the RV to write, read or craft to their heart’s content.

NASCAR Road Trip

If you and your friends don’t live close to a NASCAR track, but you’ve dreamed about taking the ultimate NASCAR road trip, don’t waste your money on hotel rooms and rental cars. Take your lodging with you, and, by the way, the best possible place to host a tailgate party ever, with an RV rental!

Pool your travel dollars, pick your track and race date and start planning tailgating menus. Some NASCAR tracks even allow RV parking on the infield, where you’re right in the center of racing (and tailgating) action. The savings, comfort and convenience of traveling by RV to NASCAR races will have you planning more than one road trip per racing season.

College Homecoming Weekend

Gather your college buddies and travel together by RV to your alma mater’s homecoming. Besides the awesome road trip experience, you’ll save money by using the motorhome’s kitchen for making quick snacks and meals between events (plus comfortable sleeping quarters to come home to, as well.) Many college stadiums have RV parking and tailgating areas, so be sure to bring your favorite tailgate goodies for the big game!

Add-On Venue for Large Events

If your group hosts an event with limited venue space, consider parking a rental RV in the parking lot. You could, for example, set up a childcare center, cooking class or makeover station during a women’s fair. A cozy coffee shop on wheels could expand what you offer attendees. One more thought—having a quiet, comfy space to use as command central for large events could be a real bonus.

Final Tips for RV Party Planning

A few things to remember when you’re renting an RV for your next event:

  • The person renting the RV must be age 25 or over for most RV rental companies.
  • Talk to the RV rental staff about your event. They can help you choose just the right model for your needs.
  • Allow enough time to learn RV driving/operation basics at the RV rental location.
  • The motorhome needs to be returned in the same condition it was picked up (in other words, don’t forget to clean the interior, empty waste and water tanks and top off the gas tank).
  • This should be obvious, but just in case… Keep the RV keys in a safe place so guests won’t be tempted to drive away!

    RV rentals—they’re not just for camping!

    Joe Laing is the Marketing Director for El Monte RV, a nationwide RV rental company. Joe has been on the road working within the travel industry for over 20 years and greatly enjoys exploring the outdoors. He is also actively involved in numerous campground associations, including RVIA's Go RV'ing committee, as well as travel industry associations.