Low-Cost and Free Spay/Neuter Services in Oklahoma City

Pet overpopulation is a serious issue all across the country.  In Oklahoma City, volunteers work tirelessly at spay/neuter and release programs for stray cats at Lake Hefner and elsewhere in the metro, but many pet-owners are unable to afford the high costs at a veterinarian's office or animal clinic.  Thus the problem continues.

Fortunately, though the well-known SPOT clinic closed, there are a few organizations offering low-cost and even free spay and neuter services in the Oklahoma City area.  Details on a few of them are provided below.  And if you have another to add to the list, just send me an email.

Important Note:  Though every effort is made to ensure accuracy, prices do change.  So call to confirm before scheduling your visit.

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    If you are an Oklahoma City resident, your cheapest option is the city itself.  Spaying/neutering are provided absolutely free of charge, and there are no income requirements.  Surgeries are primarily on Saturdays and are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis. To schedule an appointment, call (405) 297-3100.  Residency proof is required.


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    6002 S. Western Ave.
    Oklahoma City, OK 73139
    (405) 947-SPAY

    The Central Oklahoma Humane Society operates a spay/neuter clinic at SW 59th and Western.  There are no income requirements, and costs are far below what you'd pay at a vet.  Plus, the organization often has specials as well.  Surgeries are done on weekdays, and an appointment is required.


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    7129 S. Western
    Oklahoma City, OK 73139
    (405) 414-8142

    Best Friends of Pets' SpayWay clinic offers cat spay/neuter at reduced rates.  The clinic, which is cash only, also does microchipping, tests and vaccinations. 

    In addition, the organization has a Spay/Neuter Assistance Program known as SNAP.  Working with a number of area vets and clinics and available only for low-income pet owners who qualify, it reduces those prices even further, down to $10 for cats and $20 for dogs.  Download the program packet to see if you're eligible.


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    2305 W Lindsey, Suite 123
    Norman, OK 73069
    (405) 217-9700

    This veterinary clinic in Norman, south of OKC, opened in 2010.  Procedures don't include an overnight stay and are priced at $65-165 for male dogs, depending on size, and $75-185 for females.  Cat neutering is $55 while spaying is $70.

    SpayXperts participates in the SNAP program noted above.  You'll need to apply through Best Friends of Pets and present your voucher.


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    (866) 318-PETS

    Though the Bella Foundation does not actually perform spay/neuter procedures, the Oklahoma City non-profit organization helps low-income, elderly or terminally ill pet owners with vet costs.  If assistance is given, the foundation just asks the owner to volunteer for eight hours at a local shelter.  To apply, see thebellafoundation.org.