Best Nudist Beaches, Camp Sites, and Resorts in Spain

General view of El Portus camping, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain
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In theory, nudism is perfectly legal throughout Spain. I saw two groups of people walking through central Barcelona, completely starkers, in a single week last year. Which means that any beach in Spain can be a nudist beach. However, in practice, nudists congregate in particular beaches, usually those slightly out of the way.

With the exception of the nudist beaches in Barcelona and Sitges, most of these beaches are quite secluded. You may need to hire a car to reach them.

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    Beach at Estepona on Spain's Costa del Sol
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    The Costa Natura Nudist Resort on the Costa del Sol is a whole Andalusian village completely dedicated to naturists.

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    Barinatxe Nudist Beach, Sopelana, Basque Country

    Sopelana, Spain
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    Situated on the north coast of Spain, so it might not always be warm, but the annual Patxi Ros Trophy Nudist Race, held each year, should be fun.

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    Gay and Mixed Nudist Beaches in Sitges

    Watering place of Sitges, Catalunia
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    Platja Balmins is a mixed nudist beach between Sant Sebastià and the port of Aiguadolç. There is another nudist beach at Cala del Home Mort (Dead Man's Beach), which is mainly gay. Further up the coast, in Vallcarca, to the north of Sitges is a third naturist beach, Cala Morisca.

    There has been a debate on Tripadvisor's forums asking: Is Sitges Family-Orientated?

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    Alicante Nudists Resort

    Alicante is a small nudist resort, run by Maggie and Ian, catering for up to ten people.

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    El Torn Beach, Tarragona, Catalonia

    Sunrise over the Med, Tarragona
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    One of the most popular nudist beaches in Spain (and almost definitely the largest) along the coast from Barcelona (on the other side of Tarragona).

    A good place to stay if visiting El Torn is the adjacent El Templo del Sol Nudist Campsite.

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    Playa de la Mar Bella, Barcelona

    Barcelona - idyllic sunset on the beach of La Barceloneta (Catalonia/ Spain)
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    Has the advantage of being in the city of Barcelona. Walk along the main Barceloneta beach and the nudist section is behind some dunes, after the nautical club.

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    Who said nudists have to like the beach? If the mountain air is more your thing, try Sierra Natura, near Valencia. Alternatively, there is El Fonoll in Tarragona.

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    General view of El Portus camping, Cartagena, Murcia, Spain
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    Spain's first ever naturist campsite is El Portús, in Cartagena, in the little-explored region of Murcia.

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    Beach Playa de Famara, mountain range Risco de Famara, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain, Europe
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    Naturist resorts aren't restricted to mainland Spain. Lanzarote in the Canary Islands has this fine collection of swimming pools and villas for nudists.

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    Spain, Cabo de Gata
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    Cabo de Gata is an unspoiled area of beaches in the southeast of Spain. Hippy communes, nature parks, and plenty of space to strip off. Media Luna, Cala Carbón, and Cala del Barronal are just some of the nudist beaches in this area.

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    Self-professed 'best nudist resort in the world' on a two-kilometer-long beach in Almeria, southeast Spain.