Spain Tours from Madrid: Andalusia

Tours of Andalusia Departing from Madrid

Most visitors to Madrid, if they don't head north-east to Barcelona, visit Andalusia. The tours on this page all head south to this famous region, with day trips and multi-day tours of Seville, Granada and other top cities in Spain's scorching south.

All of the tours on this page include accommodation (except the day trip), transport and guides. Some meals are included on some tours.

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Day Trip from Madrid to Seville

A day trip to Andalusia sounds like a lot of traveling with not a lot of sightseeing, but that AVE high-speed train actually makes it quite practical - if expensive - to do just such a trip.

The nearest destination in Andalusia that you can reach by AVE is Cordoba, which is worth a day to see its famous mosque/cathedral and the Jewish quarter, but it's Seville that most attracts.

The journey is just two-and-a-half hours long, so if you leave early enough you can get a full day in Seville and still be back in your own hotel at the end of the day. This can easily be arranged by yourself, but to get the most out of your day, take a guided tour:

But an even better idea is to combine Cordoba and Seville in a two-day trip. See the next entry (below).

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Spain Tours from Madrid: Short Tours of Seville and Cordoba

If you're going to visit Seville, why not stop in on Cordoba on the way?

Cordoba is not far from Seville and is home to the Mezquita, the grand mosque that was once the biggest in the world (and has now been converted into the city's cathedral), so adding this to your trip to Seville is a great way to get more out of your time.

These short guided tours all take in Seville and Cordoba in a couple of days, some also adding in Caceres or Ronda. All of these trips take you back to Madrid at the end, some by high-speed AVE train, unless otherwise stated.

  • Seville, Cordoba and Caceres
  • Three-Day Tour
  • Four-Day Tour
  • Seville and Caceres
  • Two-Day Tour
  • Three-Day Tour
  • Seville, Cordoba and Ronda
  • Three-Day Tour with Costa del Sol Drop-Off
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Spain Tours from Madrid: Four-Day Tour of Cordoba, Seville, Granada & Toledo


Visit Andalusia's three most important cities in just four days. Half a day in Cordoba, a day and a half in Seville and a day in Granada (where you'll see the Alhambra) then on the way back to Madrid, a stop in Toledo for a short tour.

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Spain Tours from Madrid: Five-Day Tour of Andalusia & Toledo


The same as the above four-day tour, with an extra day to take in Ronda and the Costa del Sol

Ronda is well worth seeing. If you can stretch to the extra day and expense, I would recommend this tour over the above one.

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Spain Tours from Madrid: Seven-Day Tour of Barcelona, Andalusia and More


Visit the best of Spain's cities - Barcelona, Seville and Granada as well as Cordoba, Valencia and Zaragoza in this mammoth tour of the country.

This seven-day (six-night) tour includes combines whistle-stop tours of the smaller cities with slightly longer stops in both Seville and Barcelona (where you'll spend two nights in each). If you only have a week in Spain in your life and need to see its highlights, this is the tour for you.

Accommodation is at luxury hotels and many meals are included.

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Spain Tours from Madrid: Seven-Day Andalusia with Beach Break

Fuengirola. Image: Lauren Tucker (Some Rights Reserved)

This trip does the usual Cordoba-Seville-Ronda-Granada-Toledo route that most tours do, but with a couple of days to stay by the beach on the Costa del Sol.

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