The Best Day Trips and Tours From Barcelona, Spain

Explore Spain from the Catalan capital

There's plenty to do in Barcelona, but eventually you have to move on and see the rest of Spain. Whether you have just a day or a week, there'll be something to fill your time.

Considering Barcelona's location in the north-east of the country, it is most sensible to explore Catalonia from Barcelona and that's what most tours from the city do. However, more and more tours are using Barcelona as the starting point for a tour of the rest of the country.


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    The jagged mountains in Catalonia, Spain, showing the Benedictine Abbey at Montserrat, Santa Maria de Montserrat, near Barcelona
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    There's plenty to see in the vicinity of Barcelona, so why not take a day trip from the city first?

    The impressive mountain of Montserrat is so close to the city that you can see it in half a day. Then there's the museum of Salvador Dali in Figueres and nearby cities such as Tarragona and Girona and the beach town of Sitges.

    You can see my full list of good places to visit on a Day Trip from Barcelona or pick from my favourites below:

    1. Montserrat Tour 
    2. Dali Museum (with Girona excursion) Day Trip Tour 
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    Five- or Six-Day Tour of Spain

    Sunset in Valencia from Miguelete
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    This tour is an extension of the popular Four-Day Tour of Spain from Madrid. A bus journey from Barcelona to Madrid, via Zaragoza and Lleida, is added to the original tour that takes you from Madrid to Cordoba, Seville, Granada and Toledo.

    Note that you stay the night in Madrid and also end the tour in in the city, but no guided visits take place in the city on either occasion. If you want to return to Barcelona, see the six-day tour below.

    More on this Five-Day Tour of Spain from Barcelona

    Alternatively, miss out Toledo and visit Valencia instead on this Six-Day Tour of Spain from Barcelona

    Which is better, Toledo or Valencia? Without a doubt, I'd choose Toledo over Valencia (plus that's the cheaper and shorter option).

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    Eight-Day Tour of Andalusia

    Spain, Analucia, Granada, Alhambra Palace, traditional courtyard framed by carvings
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    This tour starts with two nights in Barcelona, before visiting Madrid for a night, followed by a tour of Andalusia, where you will visit Cordoba, Seville (for two nights) and Granada. Then your tour will return to Madrid, via Toledo.

    Note, this tour ends in Madrid.

    Read more about this Eight-Day Tour of Andalusia from Barcelona

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    Skyline of Madrid with Metropolis Building and Gra
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    If you're interested in a longer trip, you are far better off making the trip to Madrid and taking a tour from there. Madrid's central location makes it perfect for travel to the whole of the country and it is quick and easy to get there from Barcelona.