Spain in July: Weather and Events

What to do in July in Spain and what temperatures to expect

North beach
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Bullfighting is deeply rooted within global historic traditions. But today, local public opinion leans against the tradition. Though the site includes information for tourists interested in attending the events, TripSavvy trusts its readers to make their own decisions on the ethics of bullfighting as an attraction.

We're heading into the hottest time of the year in Spain now. Generally speaking you can expect high temperatures on the south and east coasts, even higher central Spain.

The north and north-west is warmer than it was some cool days can be expected.

While Spain doesn't get as much rainfall as other European countries, some rain is a possibility at any time of year.

Remember that we're talking averages here. Weather throughout the world is unpredictable, so don't take what you read on this page as gospel.

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Weather in Madrid in July

Summer in Madrid can be uncomfortably hot - and July is when the stifling heat really hits. Though not as bad as August, many businesses close up shop at this time of year and head to the beach, so you may find that your favorite bar or restaurant is closed.

The average maximum temperature in Madrid in July is 90°F/32°C and the average minimum temperature is 61°F/16°C.

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Weather in Barcelona in July

July in Barcelona is hot and sunny and the beaches will be packed with northern Europeans racing to turn from deathly white to deadly pink.

Barcelona is far more bearable than Madrid in the height of summer. Some rain is possible but rare.

The average maximum temperature in Barcelona in July is 81°F/27°C and the average minimum temperature is 66°F/19°C.

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Weather in Andalusia in July

July in Andalusia is hot, hot, hot!

Seville becomes a ghost town in July and August as the heat is unbearable, but the beaches will be very busy. You can generally guarantee cloud free days for most of July, but don't rule out a spot of rain.

The average maximum temperature in Malaga in July is 84°F/29°C and the average minimum temperature is 68°F/20°C.

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Weather in Northern Spain in July

July is a good time to head to the Basque Country and other parts of northern Spain. The rain has mainly subsided and generally warm days can be expected. The weather isn't as reliable as it is in the south, but the locals won't be complaining!

The average maximum temperature in Bilbao in July is 77°F/25°C and the average minimum temperature is 61°F/16°C.

Weather in North-West Spain in July

July is the driest month for Galicia and Asturias, but that still means rain can be expected on approximately one day in three. The Spanish often head to the beaches of Galicia around this time, so good weather and suntanning is possible, but they have the luxury of being able to check the weather report before organizing a last-minute trip.

The average maximum temperature in Santiago de Compostela in July is 70°F/21°C and the average minimum temperature is 61°F/16°C.

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  • June 1 - August 28, 2016
    Event PHoto España (the capitalised 'H' is intentional)
    Where? Madrid
    What? Spain's biggest photography exhibition.
  • June 17-July 8, 2016
    Event International Festival of Music and Dance
    Where? Granada, Andalusia.
    What? Performance arts festival.
  • July 1 to August 30, 2016
    Event 'Veranos de la Villa' (Summer in the City).
    Where? Madrid
    What? Concerts and theatrical performances. The official site this year isn't up yet, but this page says that Earth, Wind and Fire and Elvis Costello will be performing.
  • July 1-July 16, 2016
    Event Festival de la Guitarra de Cordoba
    Where? Cordoba, Andalusia.
    What? Guitar festival. Flamenco, classical and other forms of guitar will be on display.
  • July 1-July 31, 2016
    Event Grec festival
    Where? Barcelona
    What? Culture festival.
  • July 1-5, 2016
    Event Getxo International Jazz Festival
    Where? Getxo, near Bilbao, in the Basque Country.
    What? Renowned jazz festival.
  • June 19 - July 2, 2016
    Event Madrid Pride
    Where? Madrid
    What? Gay Pride event.
  • July 2-3, 2016
    Event Mijas Blues Festival 
    Where?  Mijas
    What? Blues festival on the Costa del Sol.
  • July and August, 2016
    Event Festival de Merida
    Where? Merida, Extremadura
    What? Drama festival.
  • July 5, 2016 (TBC)
    Event Concierto de las Velas.
    Where? Pedraza, near Segovia.
    What? Candlelit nighttime concerts. The Winebus organizes tours to Pedraza for this event, with wine tastings on the way.
  • July 3, 2016
    Event Bullfighting.
    Where? Madrid
    What? See the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid 2016
  • July 7-14, 2016
    Event Running of the Bulls at the San Fermin Festival.
    Where? Pamplona
    What? Internationally infamous bull running festival. Actually running with the bulls is not recommended. However, if you insist on running, read these tips on running with the bulls first.
  • July 5-13, 2016 (Dates TBC)
    Event Bous a la Mar (Toros en el Mar)
    Where? Denia, near Valencia.
    What? Bull run to the water's edge.
  • July 7-9, 2016
    Event BBK Bilbao Live 
    Where? Bilbao, Basque Country
    What? Rock and pop music festival. Headliners in 2013 include Depeche Mode, Kings of Leon and Green Day.
  • July 29-30, 2016
    Event Imagina Funk 
    Where? Sierra Mágina, Torres, Jaén.
    What? Funk music festival.
  • July 11-14, 2016
    Event Baile del Patatu at the San Benito Feria
    Where? Obejo, near Cordoba.
    What? Sword dancing, fireworks, contests general festivities.
  • July 17-24, 2016 (dates TBC)
    Event Jazz en la Costa
    Where? in Almuñécar
    What? Jazz festival.
  • July 10, 2016
    Event Bullfighting.
    Where? Madrid
    What? See the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid 2016
  • July 15-26, 2016 (dates TBC)
    Event Festival de Segovia
    Where? Segovia
    What? Music festival .
  • July 16 (or nearest Sunday), 2016
    Event Feast of Virgen del Carmen
    Where? Popular in Andalusia and parts of Madrid.
    What? . Celebrations vary in style and timing throughout the country. On the Sunday is the 'naval battle of Vallecas', a giant water fight in Vallecas, a district of Madrid, starting at c/Peña Gorbea. See a video from the water fight or read about Virgen del Carmen in Andalusia.
  • July 12-16, 2016
    Event Jazz Vitoria
    Where? Vitoria, Basque Country.
    What? Jazz festival.
  • July 14-17, 2016
    Event Benicassim Rock & Pop Festival
    Where? Benicassim, near Castellon de la Plana (between Barcelona and Valencia).
    What? one of the biggest music festivals in Europe. On the mainstream side of the alternative music scene, featuring some of the biggest bands from the UK, the US and the rest of Europe.
  • July 25- August 2, 2016
    Event Fuerteventura Grand Slam
    Where? Fuerteventura
    What? One of the highlights of the international windsurfing calendar.
  • July 26, 2016 
    Event Casabermeja Flamenco festival
    Where? Casabermeja
    What? Flamenco festival.
  • July 17, 2016
    Event Bullfighting.
    Where? Madrid
    What? See the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid 2016
  • Third Sunday of July, 2016
    Event Day Without Swimsuits
    Where? Nudist Beaches in Spain
    What? A celebration of nudism. In 2013 the skinny-dipping world record was set on this day on a beach in Almeria.
  • July 22, 2016 (same date every year)
    Event Danza de los Zancos
    Where? Anguiano, La Rioja
    What? Stilt dancing. Dances take place after mass, at around midday.
  • Last weekend of July (dates TBC)
    Event Bull running
    Where? in Tudela
    What? A bull run, in the style of the Pamplona Running of the Bulls.
  • July 20-25, 2016
    Event Jazzaldia Jazz Festival
    Where? San Sebastian
    What? Jazz festival.
  • July 25, 2016
    Event Apostle's festival
    Where? Santiago de Compostela.
    What? Religious festival. A popular time for pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago to finish their trek.
  • Around July 25, 2016
    Event Feria de Santa Ana
    Where? Seville
    What?Festival to celebrate the feast of Santa Ana. Bars line Calle Betis, a street in Triana in Seville. On July 25 there is a special mass and religious procession.
  • July 24, 2016
    Event Bullfighting.
    Where? Madrid
    What? See the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid 2016
  • 29 July, 2014
    Event 'Near-Death Festival'
    Where? As Neves, Galicia
    What? Those who have had a brush with death in the past year are carried through the streets in coffins to thank Saint Marta, the 'patron saint of death'. Bizarre.
  • July 31, 2016
    Where? Madrid
    What? See the full Bullfighting Schedule for Madrid 2016