Spa Week's $50 Spa Treatments

How To Make the Most of Spa Week Bargains

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••• Spa Week is a great time to catch up on spa treatments. Jose Luis Peleaz

Spa Week is the ultimate spa bargain, with $50 spa treatments offered at participating spas in the U.S. and Canada.  It takes place every April and October.  

How Do I Find Out Which Spas Are Participating?
Sign up at to get early access to the listings. Log in, then click on your city or state to see a list of participating spas and the treatments they offer. Once you see a treatment you want, call the spa directly to make your reservation.

The spa will ask for your credit card number to secure the reservation. Some spas also offer booking through the Spa Week website.

Where Does Spa Week Take Place?
Spa Week takes place in lots of different cities and states, but you will find the biggest selection in in major markets with a high concentration of spas such as New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and resort towns like Miami, Scottsdale and Las Vegas.   But it's worth checking the listings to see if there is a spa near you.   

Can I Get Any Treatment I Want for $50 During Spa Week?
No. Each spa chooses two or three treatments to offer, not the whole menu. It could be massage, body polish, facial, a spa manicure or pedicure, microdermabrasion, photo facial or a Brazilian wax.

How Do I Get The Best Deals Out Of Spa Week?
Look at what kind of service it is and how long it lasts. Spa Week requires a minimum 45-minute treatment, but some spas offer 60-minute services.

Check out the spa by going to its website if you're not familiar with it. You can look at their regular price to find out how much of a discount it is.

The very best Spa Week deals will be at resort spas or urban hotel spas, which may charge $185 for a treatment and have amenities like steam room, sauna, even swimming pools.

I do not recommend going to a massage or esthetics school, where prices are already low and inexperienced students work on you. 

Why Do Spas Participate in Spa Week?
They hope you'll to try the spa, like it, then come back and pay full price. Sometimes the spa offers treatments like microdermabrasion or photo facials that are best done as a series. However, not every spa in your city will participate. Sometimes the best-known spas don't need the publicity or traffic and don't want to affect their luxury brand image.

What If I Cancel My Spa Week Appointment?
Cancellation policies vary by spa, so check when you're booking your Spa Week treatment. If you let them know early that you need to cancel or reschedule, it shouldn't be a problem. If you cancel at the last-minute or don't show up, you will be charged.

Is there a limit to the Number of $50 Spa Treatments I Can Try During Spa Week?
No. You can try as many treatments as you want. But your body has limits. Don't get two facials or two microdermabrasion sessions in one week. It's not good for your skin. Instead, try treatments that complement each other like facial, a body treatment, and a massage.

How Much Should I Tip During Spa Week?
Tip 15-20% on the full value of the service, not on the $50 you're being charged.

Spa Week customers have developed an unfortunate reputation for undertipping or not tipping at all, which is a breach of good spa etiquette. A few participating spas are starting to build the tip into the price.