Best Souvenirs From Oslo

Detail of Norwegian Wool Sweater
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After a whirlwind of spectacular fjord cruises, scenic train rides, glacier visits, hikes in the forests and taking in some of Oslo's pulsating nightlife, Norway's capital is also a glamorous shopping mecca. You can pick up some useful, unique and fascinating souvenirs in Oslo, from the latest international trends to local handicrafts.

Beautiful Sweaters

A great place to buy beautiful Norwegian sweaters to take home to family and friends is Husfliden in the city center. Beautiful, unique traditional Norwegian sweaters displaying superb craftsmanship are going at competitive prices at Oslo Sweater Shop/Radisson Blu Scandinavia. You can also get real Helly Hanson wool underwear and socks, and people say the quality is far better than anywhere else in the world. Rein og Rose is a lovely gift shop that offers a variety of products, with their main emphasis being on beautiful clothes in Norwegian designs, as well as knitted garments and accessories like hats and scarves.

Norwegian Food

Souvenirs from Oslo have to include something to tantalize the taste buds and Freia Brand chocolate or Freia melkesjokolada has to be included in your souvenir parcels. The different varieties of the chocolate aren't as sweet as most other chocolates and you can get it in duty-free shops as well as grocery- and convenience stores.

Don't forget to look out for some delicious Norwegian smoked salmon for friends and family to taste. The salmon can be bought at any regular grocery store in Oslo where you might want to pick up some other delectable souvenirs like delicious cheeses as well as home-made jams and preserves.

The Farmer's Market is a vibrating marketplace where you can buy locally produced Norwegian foods like farm cheeses, fish, honey and ecological meat. A unique opportunity to give those back home an inkling of what they can look forward to when they visit Oslo. You will also find out interesting facts about how and where the food is produced.


For lovers of art, the KunstVerket Galleri in Rodelokka is a great place to pick up some pieces of art that people back home will appreciate. Not only that, the area is wonderful to visit as it still has many old wooden houses that have been lovingly conserved. Take your pick from ceramics, textiles, and sculptures. Format, close to the old railway station Vestbanen, is another place that focuses on contemporary art and crafts. You will find lots of lovely souvenirs in glass, ceramics, metal, and wood.

Shopping Center Gifts

The Paleet Shopping Center in Oslo has some 45 shops as well as heaps of restaurants to take a break from the wonderful shopping spree. Shopping for souvenirs from Oslo is made easy and you might find everything you need under one roof. Men and women's fashion, jewelry, glassware, sportswear; in fact anything that you know those back home will be interested in.

Unique Treasures

Lots of people want to avoid the usual souvenirs and they are looking for quaint, unique treasures from Norway that don't cost an arm and a leg. Flea markets like the one at Bl in Oslo as well as thrift stores are a delight in Oslo if you want to avoid standard souvenirs. You will be able to find lots of amazing things like unusual bags, weird and unusual homemade clothing, jewelry, ceramics and much more.

Souvenirs for a coffee drinker? Well, Oslo is also a coffee capital and coffee connoisseurs will tell you that their coffee bars are the trendiest, serving the best quality coffees you can imagine. Buying some Norwegian coffee for those at home is a brilliant way to give friends and family a taste of the culture of this amazing Scandinavian city.

You can head anywhere in Oslo for regular souvenirs from Oslo or find small tucked away shops that offer Nordic specialties like traditional costumed dolls or some unusual sealskin boots.

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