Best Souvenirs From Helsinki, Finland

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Helsinki, the capital of Finland, is a shopper's haven. When you travel to this lovely city, don't forget to drop by at the local souvenir shops. They sell a lot of goodies and gift items that are seldom seen in malls around the globe. Here is a list of typical souvenirs travelers bring back from Helsinki:

Check out the souvenirs from Stockmann. Traveling to Finland is incomplete without dropping by at Stockmann located at the corner of Mannerheimnintie and Aleksanterinkatu.

This is Finland's premier shopping chain that offers a variety of things that they exclusively sell. They have a wide array of Finnish souvenirs, goodies, and gourmet food. It's a great place to find all kinds of typical Finnish things for friends and family back home.

Home and Home Decor

Marimekko is a group of stores that also offer popular choices of Finnish items to tourists and they are quite affordable. Items such as apparels, household items, and tableware sell like hotcakes. They also sell Finnish products made of reindeer materials such as horns, bones, and skins; wood items such as statues, frames, and home decors can also be bought from Marimekko. While in Finland, spend your time at Marimekko and you'll find items that are within your budget range.

Glassware and ceramics: Don't miss out on authentic glassware and ceramics from Arabia Factory Shop. Glassware called littala is in demand in Helsinki because of its designs and quality.

If you are on a budget, you can buy slightly imperfect items at big discounts.

For the Naturalist

Nature items from Lountokauppa will have you salivating. If you (or the recipient of the souvenir) are an environmentalist, you will fall in love with this nature shop located at Simonkatu in Helsinki. Items that speak of Finnish natural beauty include CD's of nature voices, Finnish licorice sweets, tee-shirts, blouses, picture frames, books on nature, typical Finnish sauna items, clothes, and home decors.

These items are made of nature and they are uniquely designed to brighten your day.


Stuffed toys: Why not buy a couple of teddy bears from Isonkarhun Kappa, the home of the best teddy bears in Helsinki. Both children and adults love to visit the shop because of its large variety of bears of various sizes, colors, and materials.

Food and Drink

Sweet treats: Treat your family and friends back home with delectable Salmiakki sweet treats. They taste like heaven and mind you, even some kids love to munch this Finnish specialty. The taste is described as a licorice salty candy. At first, you may not like its appearance because of its black color. Its taste is a combination of sweet and sour. Like how the Chinese are proud of their kiamoy, Finnish people are proud of their effervescent Salmiakki candies. Taste it and you'll love it.

Lapin Kulta beers are made in Lapland, Tornio, but you can buy it in Helsinki. Finnish people have an impeccable taste of beverages. This one is their favorite because it soothes tired muscles. It dates back to 1873.

Reindeer canned meat might sound odd, but if you're in Helsinki, buy it for a friend at home! If Japan has sushi, Finland has reindeer meat, which is processed and canned to last for months or even years.

Take home a can of this specialty and your loved ones will appreciate it. Ingredients are reindeer meat, water, antioxidants, additives, and potato starch. Reindeer meats are great souvenirs from Helsinki for gift giving.

Other suggested souvenirs from Helsinki include animal skins, Finnish dolls, sweaters and coats, the typical key chains and mugs, as well as umbrellas and delicatessen.

There are a handful of specialty and souvenir shops in Helsinki and the list is endless. If it is your first time to visit the place, include the above-mentioned list in your shopping spree. Typical souvenirs from Helsinki should all be made in Finland and are made of high-quality materials.

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