The Best Souvenirs From Copenhagen

Souvenir Shop, Copenhagen, Denmark
Souvenir Shop, Copenhagen, Denmark. Getty

If you want to bring back some souvenirs from Denmark for friends and family, Copenhagen is the best place in the country to get them. The following souvenirs are all high quality, and many are also easy on the wallet.

Souvenir Figurines

Some of the most popular souvenirs are figurines. These lovely sculptures available will delight all ages and are quite affordable. They come in a variety of forms, each representing a unique aspect of the rich Danish culture.

The most famous figurine that everyone scrambles for is the little mermaid sculpture resting in the harbor of Copenhagen. This lovely sculpture is a very prominent mark of Denmark's rich history.

Traditional Danish Craftsmanship

Among the wonderful souvenirs made by Danish craftsmen are furniture, ceramics, and knitted goods. Copenhagen is the home of the famous Danish chairs, which have left a mark all over the world for their beauty and distinct design. Apart from that, there is wonderful kitchenware made from long lasting porcelain materials, especially the famous Royal Copenhagen china. The available items include bowls, tea sets, very delicate cups, mugs and lovely Danish dishes, and can give any kitchen or living room a stunning and distinctive look. Be careful to have the shop wrap and box them, then put them in your carry-on hand luggage, to make sure there won't be any breakage while traveling.


For the more budget-conscious traveler, a lovely souvenir from Copenhagen is a locally made scarf, knitted in Denmark in traditional colors. Scarves can carry different messages or symbols of Denmark's history and are generally lightweight. Also available are the sturdier scarves that are worn during the cold seasons.

Viking Jewelry

If your loved ones are accessory fans, Viking jewelry is a great gift to bring home from Copenhagen. This type of jewelry has a long history, and comes in a number of distinct varieties, like the Thor's hammer or serpant shapes for necklaces. This unique local jewelry is available in nearly every jewelry shop in Copenhagen, and as such, is easy to locate.

Chocolates and Other Treats

Also, you can't (or shouldn't!) leave the city of Copenhagen without buying some chocolate for the folks at home. It's a wonderful surprise and makes for a unique souvenir. Danish chocolates are among the most delicious in the entire world, and Copenhagen is blessed with plenty of well-trained chocolatiers.

If you prefer snacks to knick-knacks, returning from Copenhagen without some Flodeboller would be very unfair to your friends and family! Flodeboller are sweet and small balls made from marshmallow and enclosed in chocolate. They rest on a cookie base. You should buy sweets and candies as late as possible to make sure they're still fresh when you get home -- you can easily get them at the airport before departing.