Southwest Airlines Flight Credits Will Now Have No Expiration Date

It's yet another industry first for the U.S. low-cost carrier

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Southwest Airlines announced that beginning July 28, 2022, the airline's flight credits will never expire. During the pandemic, major airlines have extended expiration periods for flight credits. Southwest is the first airline to announce a total policy change that removes flight credit expiration dates permanently.

"The more than 62,000 people at Southwest share a renewed pride in our unmatched access to flexibility that once again reshapes the landscape of hospitality and value in the industry,” Southwest CEO Bob Jordan said in a statement.

Customers who log into their Southwest travel bank to view eligible flight credits with expiration dates will automatically see a temporary expiration date of December 31, 2040. Don’t worry; the date is irrelevant, a temporary placeholder until they can properly update their system to reflect the new no-expiry policy.

All flight credits issued on and after July 28, 2022—and any existing and valid future flight credits that have not already expired by July 28, 2022—will never expire.

Removing expiration dates on flight credits is part of Southwest’s plan for customer experience upgrades. Other experience improvements include plans to install faster Wi-Fi, in-seat power, and larger overhead luggage bins on their planes and to roll out more self-service features.

Southwest has long been a leader in value perks for U.S. airlines. Introducing flight credits that don’t expire is an industry-first, along with the airline’s long history of not charging for checked luggage, not charging fees for flight changes or cancellations, and having no expiration date on loyalty points.

"While other airlines eliminate benefits and value, today we're enhancing our experience again,” Ryan Green, Southwest’s senior vice president and chief marketing officer, said in a statement. “When customers fly Southwest, they receive ultimate flexibility that is unmatched in the industry.”

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