Southern Themed Costumes

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If you are traveling to the Southeast US for Halloween or planning to attend a Southern themed party or event, here are several fun costume ideas to consider. Shake, rattle and roll as Elvis, make a grand entrance as Miss Scarlett or choose one of these other fun costume ideas, all offered for easy online shopping.
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    Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler

    Gone with the Wind - Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler Costumes
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    Step out of the pages of the romantic American novel, Gone with the Wind with these Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler costumes, sold separately. The green and white Scarlett O'Hara picnic dress features ribbons, ruffles and an underskirt with a hoop. The Rhett Butler costume includes an ivory, knee length jacket and matching trousers, plus a shirt and cravat.

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    Elvis Presley

    Elvis Costumes
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    You can bring the iconic Elvis vibe to any event with these Elvis costumes, including Elvis-themed costumes for men, women, kids, toddlers, babies and even your favorite hound dog. The white jumpsuit costumes features a red, gold, and blue eagle and stats design with printed and appliquéd versions. Other options include a gold and silver Elvis suit costume (for men) and a black and gold jumpsuit costume for women. Separate accessories include Elvis style scarves, shades, blue suede shoes and more.

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    Disney Character Costumes

    Cinderella Costume
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    Whether you are planning to celebrate Halloween at the world's most popular theme park, Walt Disney World in Orlando, or by attending a Disney themed party, these popular Disney costumes include everything from famous princesses to toys, beloved Disney characters and more for all ages.

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    Little Beauty Pageant Princess

    Photo of Beauty Pageant Costume
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    These adult-sized little miss beauty pageant costumes are among this year's most supremely popular costume ideas.

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    Duck Dynasty's Willie

    Photo of Duck Dynasty Willie Costume
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    This officially licensed Duck Dynasty costume includes a wig, beard, bandana, and vest for your favorite bayou buddy. (Shirt, pants and shoes are not included.)

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    Blackbeard the Pirate

    Blackbeard Costume
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    Perhaps the most infamous pirate of all time, Blackbeard spent much of his time along the Atlantic coast with many favorite anchorages around the North Carolina Outer Banks and points south. This Blackbeard costume features a pirate coat with faux leather lapels and a matching jabot. Note: The beard, boots, pants and sword are not included, but may be purchased separately.

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    Voodoo Themed Costumes

    Voodoo Costumes
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    Whether heading to the annual Halloween weekend Voodoo Experience in New Orleans (see Halloween Getaways) or to another Halloween event, these Voodoo themed costumes will get you into the spooky spirit. Dress as a mysterious and alluring voodoo priestess, a spell casting voodoo witch doctor or, if you dare, choose to be a voodoo doll (ouch).

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    Civil War Uniform Costumes

    Civil War Themed Costumes
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    For Southern themed Halloween parties, parades, reenactments, plays or other special events, these Civil War uniform costumes include Confederate and Union general and officer options, plus several accessories. Also, see Abraham Lincoln costumes and accessories

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    Virginia Forefathers George Washington and Thomas Jefferson

    George Washington Costumes
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    For costume events with a historical theme, plays and other events, these George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and other period costumes and accessories include several Colonial style options, plus masks, hats and wigs for kids and adults.

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    The Colonel

    The Colonel Costume
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    Add the finishing touches to your Colonel Sanders costume with this white wig and beard set. For a companion costume, see an array of chicken options.

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    Mardi Gras Themed Costumes

    Mardi Gras Costume
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    For Halloween or the Carnival and Mardi Gras Season, here are several themed costumes and accessories including jesters and harlequins, Carnival kings and queens, colorful Mardi Gras ensembles, masks, hats and more.

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    Pet Costumes

    Pet Costumes - Elvis
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    Pair one of these pet costumes with your own costume theme, or choose another fetching costume for your favorite pet(s).