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As you might expect, there are lots of cornfields and farms in southern Indiana. Surprisingly however, there are also plenty of fun things to do. Following are some attractions Holiday World visitors can consider adding to their vacation itinerary:

Marengo Caves
Marengo, IN, (812) 365-2705
Who knew that beneath all of those cornfields, southern Indiana was teeming with caves? It's a veritable Cave Country and Marengo Cave, a U.S. National Landmark, is the area's largest.

Guests can take either a 40-minute or 70-minute tour and sort out all that stalagmite and stalactite stuff they learned back in grade school. The tours are not physically challenging and the caves are alive with color and incredible formations. Theme park fans will want to keep reminding themselves that Marengo is not an elaborate mine coaster or other imagineered attraction; this is the real deal. The complex also features a zipline ride, a climbing tower, gemstone mining, and horseback riding trails.

Cave Country Canoes
Leavenworth, IN, (812) 365-2705
Half-day, full-day, and two-day kayak and canoe rentals are available to tour the lovely Blue River (which actually is quite green these days). Call in advance to make reservations as the canoes are popular.

Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
Lincoln City, IN, (812) 937-4541
You knew he was president of the United States. You knew he was born in a log cabin in Kentucky.

You knew he hailed from Illinois. But did you know that Honest Abe also spent his formative years in Southern Indiana? It's true and the Lincoln Boyhood Memorial includes a visitor center, exhibits, the gravesite of his mother, a marker where his family's cabin stood, and a living historical farm.

Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels
Dale, IN, (812) 937-4250
If you've got the boogie-woogie blues, Dr. Ted has the cure.

He has a roadside museum filled with music boxes, player pianos, nickelodeons, and other mechanical music makers. Park fans will delight in the Wurlitzer band organ and the carousel horses on display.

Buffalo Run Grill and Gifts
Lincoln City, IN, (812) 937-2799
You scream, I scream, we all scream for...Buffalo Chip ice cream? That's just one of the fanciful items on the menu at this unique diner, gift shop, and farm. It's not too often you can get eye-to-eye with a buffalo or check out ostriches. The grill features buffalo and ostrich burgers that, it turns out, are quite low in fat and a healthy alternative to red meat. (Don't worry, the buffalo chip ice cream is really chocolate chip.)

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Looking for a place to stay for your Holiday World trip? Consider the campground that is adjacent to the park. The huge property offers RV sites and campsites, and also offers cabin rentals and lots of RV rentals for non-equipped campers. There is a shuttle bus to Holiday World, and the campground offers its guests discount tickets to the park.