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Getting Around Southern CA

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If you're looking for Southern California maps to help you plan your next trip, the maps listed below will help.

Don't be confused. These maps are different. They're not just the typical online maps. Resources like Google maps can show you a map, help you find the fastest route, and plot a route to avoid traffic jams. They can even show you where things are, but only if you search for them one at a time.

Compared to that, these special-purpose maps can make all the difference in travel planning.They are made just for travelers, paired with guides to things to do and how to use public transportation to get there. 

Disneyland Resort: Find out where Disneyland is relative to major airports and tourist areas, get oriented to the resort's hotels and theme parks and get an overview of each park's layout. Just use the handy maps of the Disneyland Resort.

Griffith Park: LA's largest city park covers more land than some small towns and it has dozens of attractions. the Griffith Park visitor guide includes a map and information about all of them.

Hollywood: There's a lot to see in Hollywood. And it's not all in one place. You can find a list of the top sights and a handy map of where they are in the guide to things to do in Hollywood.

Hollywood Boulevard: There's so much to do on this one street that it needs a map of its own. Go to the guide to walking around Hollywood Boulevard for a self-guided tour and a map that shows where everything is

La Jolla: Tiny La Jolla on the north side of San Diego is the perfect place for a leisurely walk. The La Jolla walking tour guide will help you find all the best sights and views, and it has a map that shows where all those sights are.

Los Angeles Downtown: Downtown is the most up-and-coming, fastest-changing part of exciting Los Angeles, and it could take you two days just to see it all. To guide your exploration, check out the Downtown Los Angeles explorers' guide and the map that goes with it.

Los Angeles Freeways: Here's an inexplicable thing about LA: Freeways have names as well as numbers. And a freeway with one name can take you on two or three different numbered highways — and vice versa. To help you keep it all straight, learn to decode LA traffic lingo and more, check the Los Angeles driving guide which includes a freeway map.

Pacific Coast Highway in Los Angeles: The guide to PCH in Los Angeles covers the famed coastal drive from Dana Point in Orange County to Santa Monica. It's a combination map and guide that details all the various street names, highway numbers, and things you can see along the way.

Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu: This drive is one of the most dramatic in the Los Angeles area. It picks up where the previous guide ends. You can find out what there is to see and do and locate it all on a map in the guide to driving the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu.

San Diego Hotels: FInding a hotel in San Diego can be confusing, but you can find out everything you need to know and see a map of the most popular areas in the guide to finding a place to stay in San Diego.

San Diego Trolley: This handy form of San Diego transportation can take you to some of the places you want to go, but not all of them. The San Diego Trolley rider's guide includes a map which shows you which ones you can get to and what line to take.​

More About Southern California

If you're going to Southern California, you'll probably also be wondering what to do. Use the Southern California getaway guide to find all the places you can visit for a weekend getaway in SoCal.

You can also take a look at the California travel map to get an idea of what's where all over the state. If all you're interested in is Southern California, just ignore the northern half.

You can also find maps and guides to traveling between Southern California's most popular destinations and from them to other parts of the state in the Guide to Getting Around California.

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