South Rodeo Nude Beach

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    South Rodeo Nude Beach

    Rodeo Cove
    ••• Rodeo Cove. Jeff/Flickr/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

    The only nude beach in the Marin Headlands that faces the Pacific Ocean. This is not the same spot as Rodeo Beach, which is more exposed and not a good spot for nude sunbathing.


    Golden Gate National Recreation Area, a little north of San Francisco. Get a map and directions on the last page of this guide.


    Unpredictable weather (often cold or windy)
    Small cove

    Who's at South Rodeo Beach

    A small number of nudists and an occasional tourists

    South Rodeo Beach Facilities


    South Rodeo Beach Activities

    Sunbathing, wading, and dog walking. Swimming is not advised

    More Nude Beaches Within 25 Miles of South Rodeo Beach

    Nudity Laws and South Rodeo Beach

    South Rodeo Beach is in Golden Gate National Recreation Area and there is no Federal law against nudity (but neither is it a guaranteed right).

    Nude or naturist beach neophytes, please be respectful of others and read the Nude Beach and...MORE Topless Beach Etiquette guidelines before you go to a nude beach.

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    South Rodeo Beach Reviews and Rating

    South Rodeo Beach from the Air
    ••• South Rodeo Beach from the Air. Adapted from Google Earth

    The Bay Guardian newspaper gives South Rodeo Beach a grade of "C" because it's often cold and windy, but the views are spectacular.

    What Our Readers Have to Say

    When we polled 496 of our readers, 41% of them rated Rodeo Beach excellent. 13% said it was good, but with a few flaws.

    Loved the beach

    We were there the first part of May 2010. My sister and I sifted through many pebbles. They are beautiful and I wanted to take a truckload home to Okla. The water was cold. Nearby is a Nike Missle Museum which I didn't want to tour but did for others sake and I found it fascinating. The volunteer guide, now 64, was one of the soldiers there 40 years ago and he made the talk so interesting. The "things left as they were back then" museum is free. It isn't far past the G.Gate Bridge where the land is amazingly still undeveloped. Go there if you have a chance.

    —Guest Sharon Beasley

    South Rodeo Beach Compared to Other Marin County Nude Beaches

    We also polled more than 2,300...MORE readers to find out their favorite Marin County nude beach. South Rodeo Beach rated among the lowest, with 8% of the votes.

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    Getting to South Rodeo Beach

    Marin County Nude Beach Map
    ••• Marin County Nude Beach Map. Adapted from Google Maps

    If you want an interactive version of the map, would like to convert to a close-up satellite map that shows the beaches and trails or need driving directions, use our Marin County Beach map at Google.

    Driving Directions

    From US Hwy 101 just north of the Golden Gate Bridge:

    • If you're northbound (going out of San Francisco), take the Alexander Road exit. Turn left at the end of the ramp, then right onto Conzelman Road, following the signs for the Marin Headlands.
    • If you're southbound (going into San Francisco), take the Sausalito exit. Turn left at the end of the exit ramp and right onto Conzelman Road, following the signs for the Marin Headlands.
    • Follow Conzelman up the hill
    • Continue on Conzelman up the hill
    • At the small traffic circle, ignore the sign for Rodeo Beach and instead, continue up the hill
    • Continue over Hawk Hill. When the road reaches its highest point, it becomes one-way. Gollow it down the hill toward the Point Bonita Lighthouse.
    • When you reach a stop sign at a...MORE T-intersection in front of the Point Bonita YMCA, turn right.
    • Shortly after passing the YMCA buildings, turn left into the dirt parking lot for Battery Alexander


    Park in the Battery Alexander parking lot

    Walking from Parking Lot to the Beach

    The path begins on the west (ocean) side of the parking area. Several paths lead out of the parking lot. The one you're looking for starts near parking lot entrance. Follow it downhill toward the beach, looking for a "No Fires" sign as a landmark and watching your footing on the mixed rock-and-sand surface.