South Pointe Park, Miami Beach: The Complete Guide

South Point Park Pier

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Uferpark South Pointe

1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
Phone +1 305-673-7730

Picture a city park with trees, walking paths, and benches. Now, add a beach right alongside that, and you've got South Pointe. This 17-acre county park in Miami Beach is a great spot to relax in tandem with a day spent at South Beach or all on its own. 


South Pointe Park was originally not a park at all. The land was donated to the City of Miami by the Federal Government in 1979, but instead of a park, municipal buildings were built. The harbor police, Miami police investigators, and the police horses were all housed on the land. It wasn’t until the mid-'80s that the land was converted into a park. Since then, the park has undergone many changes—the most recent one being a $22 million renovation in 2009 that completely redesigned the entire area. Today, South Pointe Park boasts lots of state-of-the-art amenities for both residents and visitors. 

What to Do

More than just a picturesque place to relax (the sunsets here are beautiful), South Pointe offers a lot of free amenities for visitors. Since the massive renovation, the park has become a haven for beach goers. As soon as the sun gets too strong, you can easily head over to the park and relax at one of the many shaded pavilions. There is a barbecue and picnic area as well. 

A 20-foot-wide walkway lines the park and is perfect for joggers, bikers, rollerbladers, or anyone taking a leisurely a stroll. The South Pointe pier juts out into the ocean, so it's a great place to fish on a nice day or walk for views of the coast. 

Little kids will love to run around in the ocean-themed water feature located right near the shaded picnic area. As part of its modern, cutting edge design, the water sprayers are motion activated and turn off when they are not in use.  

The park closes at 10 p.m. but as soon as it gets dark, the promenade is lit up with neon lights. The walkway stays open until 2 a.m.

The park also frequently hosts festivals and events at the outdoor amphitheater, so don’t be surprised if they’re setting up for something while you visit. 

South Point Park Pier Sign
TripSavvy / Taylor McIntyre 

How to Get There

South Pointe Park is located at 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, Florida 33139. The park is right off of South Beach at the tip of the island.

There is metered parking along the street, but if you are planning on staying for longer than a couple of hours, a parking garage is recommended. 


There is only one restaurant in the actual park, but it is worth it. Smith & Wollensky in the center of the park about halfway down the promenade serves everything from seafood to steaks, all cooked to perfection. Indoor or outdoor seating is available, but of course the best views come from their upstairs outdoor deck—unobstructed ocean views!

Leashed dogs are allowed in the park, and dog waste stations and doggie bag dispensers and trash cans are scattered throughout. There is also a fenced dog park area where you can let your pet run free. 

Bathrooms and showers are located near the splash pad. 

What to Do Nearby

Once you leave South Pointe Park, you’re in a great location of the city, right near South Beach. If you’re looking for more dining options, try Café Portofino, a really nice dinner spot. Purple Lotus Kava Bar is right up the block and makes a fun happy hour option with friends or a mid-day drink. Rosella’s Kitchen is a few blocks north, and offers a delicious lunch menu and outdoor seating. The famous Nikki Beach night club is also right up the street. It’s most popular at night, but during the day, it’s also a good place to hang out and socialize. 

South Pointe is about a 20-minute walk from Ocean Drive. On a nice day, get there by foot for a pleasant stroll, but in the heat of the summer, it may be worth driving to get there. 

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South Pointe Park, Miami Beach: The Complete Guide