South Meadows / Double Diamond Neighborhood Profile

Walking path in Reno's South Meadows neighborhood
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What's It Like:

Most of the area we call South Meadows / Double Diamond (For brevity, I'll just use South Meadows.) was raw land just a few years ago, making it one of Reno's newest neighborhoods. The houses and buildings reflect this fact and are mostly the boxy, stucco style that was hastily build all over the booming West when developers couldn't put them up fast enough. All of that came to a screeching halt with the 2008 bursting of the housing bubble, leaving numerous open spaces sprinkled around South Meadows that were going to be more houses.
Even so, the area remains attractive for families who may need a bigger dwelling than is available elsewhere and who like the modern look of the South Meadows neighborhood. Besides single-family homes, there are some nice apartments, condos, and duet homes (what used to be called duplexes, but really somewhere between condos and stand-alone houses). Many of the subdivisions in South Meadows are gated and offer a variety of amenities to residents, such as pools, club houses, and workout facilities.

One of the nice things about South Meadows are the main streets. Being relatively new, they are wide and gently curving, and almost all have bike lanes. The area is flat and easy to navigate on a bicycle. One of the bad things is that it's out in the southeast corner of Reno and several miles from city center. Unless you've got the time to wait for RTC RIDE, a car is needed to get into the thick of things.
Fortunately, those new streets provide easy access to S. Virginia Street and the U.S. 395 freeway, both of which are direct routes to downtown Reno (and Carson City if you go south). Some of those big new streets that help you easily navigate through South Meadows include Double Diamond Parkway, South Meadows Parkway, Veterans Parkway, Carat Avenue, and Wilbur May Parkway.

Sprinkled throughout the South Meadows area, particularly along the big main streets, are commercial buildings housing a wide variety of businesses, including restaurants, professional offices, an athletic club, and light manufacturing. IGT, the world's largest maker of slot machines, has its large headquarters facility in this neighborhood.


On the west, South Meadows is bordered by the parallel lanes of S. Virginia Street and the U.S. 395 freeway. The northern fringe is effectively defined by a portion of the original Truckee Meadows wetlands and the Huffaker Hills (the tallest one with the red airport light on top is Rattlesnake Mountain). To the east, further development has been effectively thwarted by the steep peaks of the Virginia Range. The South Meadows south boundary is somewhat fuzzy since it kind of blends in with the Damonte Ranch development, but Steamboat Parkway and Damonte Ranch Parkway provide a logical dividing line between the two neighborhoods.

Walk Score:

22 out of 100 - Car-Dependent. ( Walk Score describes area amenities and estimates the walkability of a neighborhood using the address entered for its search.)

Real Estate Notes:

South Meadows homes are generally big as was the fashion in developments mostly built since about 2000.
This fact, plus the inflated prices that prevailed before the 2008 bust, make South Meadows houses a bit more expensive than many older parts of Reno. With the situation still in flux as I write, I'm not going to make any predictions as to where things are going and what the real estate market may be like on down the road. For those seriously exploring the possibility of living in South Meadows, I recommend engaging the services of a real estate professional who has worked the area for a while. I can tell you, however, that there is no shortage of repos and short sales lurking throughout the area.

Nearby Public Schools:

Double Diamond Elementary School
1200 South Meadows Pkwy., Reno, NV 89511. (775) 850-6212.

Kendyl Depoali Middle School
9300 Wilbur May Pkwy., Reno, NV 89521. (775) 852-6700.

Damonte Ranch High School
10500 Rio Wrangler Pkwy., Reno, NV 89511. (775) 851-5656.

Post Office:

Steamboat Branch: 75 McCabe Drive, Reno, NV 89511. (775) 853-2615. On the west side of S. Virginia Street, near Bishop Manogue Catholic High School.

Calling the Cops:

To ask questions and request information, the non-emergency number for Reno PD is (775) 334-2121. For real, life-threatening police emergencies, always dial 911. That also goes for medical and fire emergencies.

Getting Reno City Government Assistance:

The gatekeeper for city information and services requests is called Reno DIRECT. Phone (775) 334-2099 and you'll get a live human (though you might have to wait your turn).

Nearby Shopping:

Like the rest of South Meadows, the shopping centers here are new and they are numerous. They include the full range of shopping opportunities, from Wal-Mart and Kohl's to dozens of small shops and specialty stores. When you get hungry, there are plenty of eateries from which to choose. You'll probably be able to find what you are looking for at one of these...
  • Double R Galleria - Double R Blvd. and Prototype Dr.
  • Village at Double Diamond - South Meadows Pkwy. and Double R Blvd.
  • Double Diamond Town Center - Gateway Dr. and South Meadows Pkwy.
  • South Towne Crossing - S. Virginia St. and Arrowcreek Pkwy.
  • The Summit - S. Virginia St. and Mt. Rose Highway
When the time comes to renew your ride, you'll find several new and used car dealerships on S. Virginia Street along the west side of South Meadows. They've been slowly migrating to this area from Reno's old traditional auto row on Kietzke Lane.

Going to the Movies:

Century Theatres has the multiplex theaters market sewed up in Reno and Sparks. The closest screens to South Meadows are at The Summit shopping center and appropriately named the Century Summit Sierra. Tickets for flicks in this movie house are a little more expensive than in the other multiplexes, but you get a more upscale setting than theaters in other parts of town.

Neighborhood Parks:

Numerous parks dot the South Meadows area, including Comstock Park, Horizon View Park, and Huffaker Park and Mountain Trail. For a complete listing, visit the City of Reno Park Locations web page and scroll down to southeast area parks.

Medical Facilities:

Renown South Meadows Medical Center is a full-service hospital, complete with ER and an assisted living facility. It is located at 10101 Double R Blvd., near the intersection with South Meadows Parkway. For non-emergency information, call (775) 982-7000. For life-threatening emergencies, always call 911.

Other Nearby Attractions:

From South Meadows, it's a short drive west on the Mt. Rose Highway (Nevada 431) to Incline Village and the Lake Tahoe Basin. In winter, the same route will take you to the ski area closest to Reno, Mt. Rose / Ski Tahoe. To visit historic Virginia City, go east on this same road. If shopping is your thing, check out The Summit with its Century Theater, Dillards, and numerous other stores and restaurants. The Summit is at the intersection of S. Virginia Street and the Mt. Rose Highway.
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