South American Gifts for Travelers


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Whether you are celebrating Christmas, birthday present shopping or just looking for that something special for someone gift giving can be challenging. It seems that everyone has everything they could possibly need or want, especially if they are planning upcoming holidays.

A trip to South America can be daunting, while it is possible to get most of the luxuries of home it is always good to be prepared. Most people think about whether they should bring a backpack or suitcase, and what guide books they need for South America but there are South American gifts that can make a trip much more pleasant. If you are looking to surprise something, or just making your own packing list you do not want to miss these items.

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GoPro Video Camera


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You may have a good point and shoot or DSLR camera but sometimes video says so much more than a still photograph.

The GoPro video camera is small enough to fit in your pocket but perfect for traveling around South America. It's also less conspicuous so thieves who are looking to score big with a DSLR or video camera will pass you by looking for something that appears 

You can also buy a waterproof case which means you can capture surf lessons in Mancora or crossing the rivers to the Lost City in Colombia. A monopod is also great for capturing selfies.

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Whether you choose a Kindle, Kobo or another e-reader they are the perfect companion for a holiday in South America.

While several books would be needed for the flight South, days on the beach, nights in a lodge or travel days, with e-readers you can shed all of that bulky weight.

Even those who profess to be traditional bookworms find after a few minutes on one of these devices they have converted. Amazon also has a subscription service where you can download all the books you want. You can't go wrong with a good book on the beach.

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Small Compass



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On the other side of technology something many travelers overlook is a compass.

While many travelers like to depend on smartphones and GPS devices sometimes technology fails or you are somewhere you don't feel comfortable showing you have expensive electronics.

A compass is small enough to fit on a keychain is the perfect device, especially when you have been given directions to go East or West. This is one of the best South American gifts for travelers, even if they don't realize they will nee dit.

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International Adapter

International adapter

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While many South American countries use the same style of outlet as in North America, this is not true in every country.

There is nothing worse than arriving at night to a hotel in Buenos Aires, ready to recharge electronics only to find out the outlet is different than what you have. If you are traveling to several countries and aren't sure it's best to buy one international adapter and then you know wherever you go you will be covered.

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Spanish Lessons

Spanish lessons

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Speaking a bit of Spanish can go a long way in most South American countries, even in Brazil you can get by with Spanish if you do not know Portuguese.

In-class lessons are fantastic but if there isn't time to be there in person Rosetta Stone is great and there are a number of online classes you can take. If you don't have time for an online class consider Spanish language podcasts, they are perfect for travel days.

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Noise-Canceling Earphones

Noise-canceling headphones

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This is one of the South American gifts that travelers will really appreciate. It is definitely a big-ticket item but one that people swear makes traveling so much better.

A number of different manufacturers such as Bose and Sony have created ear phones that can be used to listen to music or simply to cancel out noise.

Make sure to try a few pair on before buying as some are bulkier than others, some are wireless, and buttons differ on all of them. They run $200-400 but are perfect for someone who does a lot of traveling and is particularly bothered by children crying on planes or getting to sleep in cities when street noise is loud in hotels.

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