Source Festival 2016 in Washington DC

Summer Theatre Festival in the Nation's Capital

Photo courtesy of CulturalDC, © C. Stanley Photography

The Source Festival, presented by CulturalDC, is a three-week annual performing arts festival dedicated to showcasing new work from across the nation. The event is held at The Source Theatre, a 120-seat black box performing arts space located in the heart of Washington DC’s U Street Corridor. The 2016 festival presents three Full-Length Plays, 18 10-Minute Plays and three Artistic Blind Dates on the themes of: DREAMS & DISCORD, HEROES & HOME and SECRETS & SOUND.

Dates: June 8 to July 3, 2016 

Location: Source Theatre, 1835 14th St NW Washington, DC (202) 204-7800
The closest Metro Station is U Street. See a map

Tickets: $15-20.

Full Length Plays

The three full-length plays were selected from more than 120 scripts and serve as inspiration for the groupings of 10-Minute Plays.

  • BALLAST by Georgette Kelly. BALLAST tells the story of two relationships between transgender and cisgender partners, exploring not only the way gender influences our relationships, but also how gender seeps into our spirituality, our dreams, and even our ability to take flight. 
  • BURIED CITIES by Jennifer Fawcett. One night, Maya and Louis are held up at gunpoint in their home. Even though they are supposedly unharmed, their marriage begins to fall apart as each tries to find safety in the world again. A play about getting lost in hiding spaces, BURIED CITIES explores having the courage to be found.
  • STATIC by Tom Horan. Since Emma was a little girl she heard the ghost stories told about her neighbors Walter and Millie Burke - how the couple filled their home with strange things, which drove them mad. Years have passed and Emma finds herself the owner of this house that has sat abandoned for years. She discovers, among the jars of buttons and tubs of forks, a box full of cassette tapes filled with secrets of Walter and Millie. This magical play follows Emma’s journey as she uncovers truths about the people she thought she knew.

    10-Minute Plays

    The eighteen 10-Minute Plays have been selected from hundreds of submissions from across the country. They have been loosely grouped together into themes related to each of the full-length plays.

    Artistic Blind Date Program

    The Artistic Blind Date program unites nine artists of varying disciplines to create three dynamic, new interdisciplinary works, presented in the intimate Source Rehearsal Room. Audiences get an up-close look at the creative process as the artists present their work and engage audiences in discussions about their creative process following each presentation.

    About CulturalDC

    CulturalDC is a local organization that is dedicated to creating spaces and opportunities for artists. Whether by providing subsidized studio or live-work housing (Brookland Artist Lofts, Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market) or free/subsidized performance space in theaters, gallery and performance spaces, or by working with the city and developers to preserve arts spaces under threat (Source, Atlas). CulturalDC remains committed to its mission of supporting artists, and arts organizations. For more information, visit