8 Sophisticated Marijuana Edibles

Pot Brownies

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Marijuana has gone high brow in Washington and Colorado. Since recreational marijuana use is legal in both states, marijuana edibles manufacturers are pulling out all the stops to take pot to sophisticated heights. And, marijuana edibles are proving so popular that manufacturers can barely keep up with the demand. Dixie Elixirs, one of the largest producers of marijuana edibles in Colorado, has quadrupled in size since Colorado legalized pot.

It's looking like these marijuana edibles are just the start of a huge and growing industry. But, for now, check out these 8 sophisticated marijuana edibles that go beyond the pot brownie.

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Dixie Elixirs Watermelon Cream

Dixie Elixirs

Dixie Elixirs is Colorado's largest marijuana edibles manufacturer and they produce a line of "drinkables" or cannabis infused carbonated sodas.  Their new Dixie One Watermelon Cream is a lightly carbonated summery soda with a single dose of 5 mg of THC.  (Experts recommend that 1 serving size of THC is 10 mg.  Consumers are legally permitted to carry 1 ounce or 26 mg of marijuana.)

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Julie's Natural Edibles Granola

Julie and Kate.com

Julie's Natural Edibles produces gluten-free THC infused baked products.  Their granola has gluten-free rolled oats, with sweet, dried fruits, savory seeds, and nuts, infused with their clarified strain-specific "cannabutter," with maple syrup and kosher salt.  They describe it as "a healthy way to start your day." 

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Dixie Edibles Truffles

Dixie Edibles

Also from Dixie Edibles, these decadent chocolate truffles are expertly crafted and enhanced with THC extract.  Recreational users can purchase a 100 mg or 50 mg bag of these truffles.  (And, if you really want to indulge, you can even get marijuana spiked massage oil or cannabis infused bath soak.)

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Mountain Medicine Blueberry Pie Bar

Mountain Medicines

Mountain Medicine's Scrumptious Blueberry Pie Bar looks just like something your grandmother might bake up . . . that is, if you have the most chill grandmother ever.  They also have other indulgent desserts like the Indulgent Chocolate Caramel Bite or their Scrumptious Lemon Pie Bar.

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Twirling Hippy's Bananas F'Rasta

Twirling Hippy.com

Twirling Hippy is Westwood's 3 time pick for best edibles manufacturer in Colorado.  They serve up dozens of varieties of chocolates, cheesecakes, and other sweets.  But, the really unique treat here is their Bananas F'Rasta, which is a hand dipped gourmet chocolate frozen banana with 100 mgs of active THC.

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Kush Cake Pop

Kush Cake Pops Instagram

Kush Cake Pops sells brightly colored cake pop confections, infused with pot.  Rolling Stone Magazine called their sweets the "strongest space cakes [they] could find."  They are sold in California, only for medicinal purposes.

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Kushtown Hot Sauce

Kushtown USA

For those who prefer spicy to sweet, Kushtown sells hot sauce and barbecue sauce infused with THC.  They are both triple strength and meant to be used as condiments to top other foods. ​

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