Soho Hong Kong - Where to Eat and Drink

Martyna Szmytkowska

Soho is one of Hong Kong’s best area’s for wining and dining, packed with restaurants, bars and cafes. Less raucous than nearby Lan Kwai Fong, the restaurants in Soho run the gauntlet from budget bites to credit card melting feasts, with the majority mid range menus and cheaper. While you can hunt down just about any cuisine in the world along the streets here, there is a high concentration of European and Western restaurants, and is a good refuge, if you’ve had your fill of Dim Sum and rice.

Most restaurants are clustered around the Mid Level’s escalator between Queen’s Road Central and Hollywood Road. Soho actually means South of Hollywood Road, rather than having any Red Light connotations. The heart of the district is Staunton Road and Elgin Road at the intersections with the midlevels escalator, where you’ll find several dozen restaurants knotted together.

Look out for Happy Hours from around 5pm-8pm, when bars drop the price of their drinks, and ‘ tea sets’, which are essentially meal deals usually offered sometime after lunch, between 2pm-5pm.

For specific restaurant recommendations, try our five best restaurants in Soho list.

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