Where to Shop for Sneakers in Brooklyn: At Fulton Mall, the Sneaker's the Thing

15 or More Places to Shop for Sneakers at Brooklyn's Fulton Mall

Ellen Freudenheim

It's not the prettiest mall in America, but Brooklyn's hard-working Fulton Mall is one of the busiest around, drawing an average of 100,000 shoppers daily, according to the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership. A lot of new shops have opened in Downtown Brooklyn in the past few years and the area is undergoing a serious transformation. With the addition of City Point, which houses a Century 21, where you can find name brand sneakers at deeply discounted prices. 

Looking for Urban Style Setters? Check Fulton Mall

No, you won't find Chanel here. But, if you (or your teenager) want to know what's happening on the street in terms of sneaker and shoe fashion, this is probably one of the best bell-weather shopping malls you can find in America. Why? Because Fulton Mall is where your average Brooklynite — meaning, a diverse melange of people speaking different languages, from different corners of the world, across socio-economic, cultural and racial lines — may very well go shoe shopping.

Sneaker and Shoe Shops at Brooklyn's Fulton Mall

Here are a select list of shoe and sneaker stores to be found in Brooklyn's Fulton Mall. Some also carry clothing.

  1. Dr. Jay's at a 485 Fulton Street (718) 596-3577 a
  2. Fino Menswear & Shoes 469 Fulton Street (718) 625-6421
  3. Foot Locker, at 440 Fulton Street (718) 596-1877; 543 Fulton Street (718) 694-2239, and Kids Foot Locker at 466 Fulton Street (718) 422-7877
  4. Footaction USA 408 Fulton Street (718) 858-6607
  5. Fulton Fashion Footwear 491 Fulton Street (718) 852-0500
  6. Fulton Sneaker Sportwear 515 Fulton Street (718) 237-1506
  7. Heart & Sole 435 Fulton Street (718) 643-1811 Heart & Sole 557 Fulton Street (718) 935-9429
  8. KoKo Shoes 583B Fulton Street (718) 802-1241
  9. Payless Shoes, at 459-461 Fulton Street (718) 625-0461; 510 Fulton Street (718) 643-6049, and 468 Fulton Street (718) 852-3026
  10. Peek.A.Boo Shoes 449 Fulton Street (718) 855-8757
  11. Sneaker Point 480 Fulton Street (718) 243-9490
  12. Sneaker Spot 519 Fulton Street (718) 852-9230

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